TSA Master Administrator and Fund Sponsor Contacts

You can direct any questions you have about the TSA Program to the appropriate contact below.

In addition, all fund sponsors have on-campus representatives available to answer your questions. Contact your campus benefits office for details. For additional information, visit the CSU's benefits portal at www.calstate.edu/hr/benefitsportal.

Master Administrator

(select the "Retirement Manager" link)

Fund Sponsors

Name Web site Local Representatives Phone Number
VALIC RETIREMENT www.valic.com/calstate Joe Lemon
(559) 765-5503

Customer Service Call Center: (888) 569-7055

To schedule a visit with a VALIC representative, call: (559) 765-5503

FIDELITY INVESTMENTS www.plan.fidelity.com/calstate

To set up an account:

To schedule a confidential consultation:
Jeff Geslison (801) 201-9414 Customer Service Call Center: (800) 343-0860:

 To schedule a confidential consultation call: (800) 642-7131
VOYA (formerly ING) www.voya.com Ken Cochran
(559) 225-6483

Customer Service Call Center: (800) 525-4225

To schedule a visit with a VOYA representative call: (559) 738-9840

METLIFE www.metlife.com/csu Rick Quan
(559) 449-6145
Customer Service Call Center:
(866) 894-8997

To schedule an appointment with a MetLife representative call: (559) 449-7715
TIAA-CREF www.tiaa-cref.org/csu Alden Wonnell
(800) 732-8353
Customer Service Call Center: (800) 842-2776

To schedule an appointment with a TIAA-CREF representative call: (800) 732-8353