Replacing a Card

Replacement Fee

  •  The replacement fee for your Bulldog card is $10 dollars for faculty, staff, and students
  • Visit the Bulldog Card Office in South Joyal Room 156 to fill out a replacement form
  • If you can not make it to the office, we accept check or cash payments via mail ( see details below)

The Replacement Fee is charged for

  • A lost or stolen card (without police report) 

No Replacement Fee is charged for...

  • Normal wear and tear (faded photo, magstripe damage, lamination peeling)
  • A stolen card when a police report is filed (Bring a copy of the police report with you to Bulldog Card)
  • If you’ve been gone for 3 semesters or more you will be eligible for a free replacement card
  • A name change requires you to go to Admissions and Records. After 24 hours stop by the Bulldog Card Office for an updated card (If you still have your old card please bring it)

Name Change

Faculty & Staff Members Change Last Names

Contact your Human Resources department for information about processing a last name change:

  • Human Resources 559.278.2032
  • Office of Faculty Affairs 559.278.3027
  • Auxiliary & Foundation Human Resources 559.278.0865
  • Athletic Corporation Human Resources 559.278.6690
  • Bulldog Foundation 559.278.7160

Lost Your Card?

Lost cards are returned to the Bulldog Card Office every day. We maintain a box of lost and found of ID and Bulldog Bucks cards. 

If your card was found, an email is sent to your account to let you know to stop by and pick-up your card.

Payment Options:

These methods of payment apply to in-person transaction.

Cash or Check

The cashier's office accepts cash and check payments via mail. Be sure to attach the Replacment Card Application in your encolsed envelope.The address is listed below. 

  •  The replacement fee for your Bulldog card is $10 dollars for faculty, staff, and students
We are not responsible for any lost or stolen cash or checks. 
5150 N Maple Ave M/A JA58
Fresno, CA 93740