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Fresno State Bulldog Card 

  • Your Bulldog Card gets you access to free services, events on campus and transportation.
  • The card is also the official debit card of campus.
  • Add and manage funds online through Transact, and use your card at various places on campus.
  • Learn here to learn more the benefits

Online Photo Submission

Your photo can only be submitted using the personal link sent via email. If you did not recieve an email please reach out to the Bulldog Card Office.The photo submitted will be used on your Bulldog Card.

The biggest issue that will delay your bulldog card is your photo not meeting the US passport standards. Please follow the US Passport submission guidelines to avoid having your photo rejected. Due to the inconvenience of the pandemic we will not be taking in person pictures 

Personal Links for Submission

New students will be emailed a personal link to submit their Bulldog Card heashot photo. If you did not recieve an email please reach out to the Bulldog Card Office. Accepted photo formats include JPG, PNG, GIF. The requirments for applying for the Bulldog Card are: a headshot and a government issued ID. If you do not submit both documents your photo will be denied.

  • Government issued ID include: driver's license, driver’s license learner permit (with photo), U.S. green card, passport/Visa, or U.S. military ID (must be valid)

  • After we have verified your identity, your Government ID will be deleted from our system 

Contact the Bulldog Card Office for any questions: 559.278.5608 | idcard@mail.fresnostate.edu

  • You will recieve an email stating your submission was approved

  • All cards will be mailed out to students

  • Make sure your mailing adress is up to date on your Fresno State Portal on Student Self Service > Student Center > My Personal Information > Mailing Address

  • Check your email for the reasoning behind the denial

  • Please make sure to refer to US Passport Guidlines to get approved quicker



Terms and Conditions

The Bulldog Card is property of Fresno State. Terms and conditions of use do apply.