President’s Committee on Disabilities and Access (PCDA)


In 2005, the President’s Committee on Disabilities and Access established new goals to ensure compliance with Section 504 and the ADA.  The following goals also incorporate the requirements of the Chancellor’s Office Executive Order 1111 issued January 1, 2005.

  1. Periodically assess current membership of the PCD to ensure compliance with Executive Order 1111 or subsequent amendments, changes in laws and demographics and adjust membership as necessary.  Per original charge to committee, membership will not exceed 15.
  1. Maintain and increase awareness of the PCD and disability issues in the campus community.
  1. Periodically review and update evacuation and emergency response procedures for all persons with disabilities.
  1. Ensure that adequate funding is maintained for the office of Services for Students with Disabilities that is sufficient to meet the academic support needs of students on campus.
  1. Continually address and update technology accessibility issues.
  1. Maintain and enhance physical accessibility of campus facilities.


The membership was revised in 2005 to be consistent with Executive Order 1111.  Since there is overlap between California State University system-wide requirements and the existing campus committee, some individuals serve in multiple roles.  The original limitation on membership to 15 has been expanded to accommodate EO 1111 requirements.  Total voting members now number 20 when all positions are filled.


The PCDA is always open to receiving feedback about the accessibility of our campus or digital environment. Please send an email to with details.