Faculty Projects & Initiatives

Below are some of the recent activities of the members of the WCG Cohort. For more information about them or to contribute to the Cohort's efforts, please feel free to contact us.

Dr. Martin Shapiro, Dr. Kris Clarke, and Ms. Lisa Anderson collaborated in 2013 to develop 2 GE courses, INTD 50 Critical Thinking about Global Challenges (Area A3) and INTD 177 Global Challenges (Area MI)

Since 2008 Dr. Shapiro developed and teaches Honors 102 Global Challenges as part of the curriculum for the Smittcamp Honors College

Since Spring 2014, Dr. Partow Hooshmandrad collaborated with Dr. Donald Henriques in the Dept. of Music to present a Global Music Lecture Series.

Dr. Hooshmandrad is a member of the Middle East Studies Program and schedules lectures, literary readings and musical performances about Persian culture. She also teaches an upper division GE Course Music 171 Introduction to the World's Music (Area IC).

This coming Spring 2015, Dr. Helda Pinzon-Perez coordinates with Dr. Cheryl Hickey and Dr. Azrrinkhameh to present a distance learning course in Respiratory problems to participants from Uganda, Costa Rica, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and the U.S.A. through Fresno State.

Effective Spring 2015, Dr. Negin Tahvildary will be Director of the new Cross-Cultural Exchange and Advancement Center.

Dr. Monique Bell shared that she is working with Dr. Ida Jones to develop a conference or lecture series about cultural competence.

Dr. Paula Sanmartin will serve as faculty advisor for a newly formed student organization: Association for the Promotion of Spanish-Speaking Cultures (APCE). The organization's mission is to promote awareness and recognition of Spanish-speaking cultures through various cultural events such as documentary/film showings, performances, exhibitions and presentations.

Dr. Annabella España-Najéra serves as the cohort's web administrator.

Since 2013 Dr. España-Najéra and Dr. Bell have worked together to coordinate the Cohort's Speaker series.  

The WCG Cohort has collaborated with the Regional and Urban Development Cohort to bring a speaker to campus and with the CLAS Department to co-sponsor the Latin American Film Festival.