Kenneth Balint

Department: Theatre Arts Department, Dance

Education: MFA Arizona State University – BFA Jacksonville University

Contact Information:

Office: Old Music 164
Phone: 559-278-5848

Research Interests: Dance as kinesthetic narrative particularly as a medium for advocacy, human rights, and social justice. Promotion and dissemination of dance and movement research that extends the understanding of the relationships between dancers' health (physical and psychological), injury, training and performance. Dance and interactive technology.

Teaching Interests: Somatic based dance technique, creative research and technology integration and the arts

Other Interests: Music, photography and baseball.

Publications or Papers:

February 2012 – Original choreography: "I Thought I Was Dreaming But My Mind Kept Wandering" a contemporary work for ten dancers of the Contemporary Dance Ensemble at California State University, Fresno. Premiered at the "This Is NOT the Tony Bennett Concert" at the John Wright Theatre in Fresno on February12, 2012.

February 2011 – Original choreography: "Swan Lake Suite Op 20a" for the Contemporary Dance Ensemble and the Centennial Symphonic Dance Project. A collaborative project of the Theatre Arts Department and the Department of Music at California State University, Fresno

February 2011 – Original choreography: "Symphonic Dances from West Side Story" for the Contemporary Dance Ensemble and the Centennial Symphonic Dance Project. A collaborative project of the Theatre Arts Department and the Department of Music at California State University, Fresno

November 2010 – Original Choreography: "Voices" for the Contemporary Dance Ensemble. This contemporary dance work for ten dancers premiered at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium during the Central Valley Dance Festival. It also was performed at the Theatre Arts Department Open House Recruitment event in December 2011.

February 2008 - Original Choreography: "Friction Brings Fatigue" A Contemporary Ballet Duet. Performed as guest artists for the Altered Modalities dance concert "The Journey in the Struggle" Fresno Memorial Auditorium on Feb. 2, 2008, at the Portable Dance Troupe dance concert February 8-16, 2008, at the Moving Arts Dance Performance Festival. San Francisco, CA, and for the College of Arts and Humanities Arts in Motion event in May 2008.

March 2007 - Original Choreography: "Endlos Fact or Fiction" a multimedia work centered on belief systems for 24 dancers as part of "Escape" a Portable Dance Troupe concert at California State University, Fresno.

Monique Bell

Department:    Assistant Professor of Marketing, Department of Marketing and Logistics

Education:       Ph.D.  Marketing, Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA)

                        M.A. Communications Design, University of Baltimore

B.A.  English Literature and Language / French minor, Morgan State University (Baltimore, MD)


Contact:          Craig School of Business

Peters Building 532



Teaching Interests:

Dr. Bell’s teaching interests include marketing communications, marketing strategy and services marketing. More importantly, she emphasizes a collaborative classroom environment where students are highly participative.


Research Interests:

Dr. Bell’s research interests are influenced by her professional work in corporate marketing and communications. Her research interests include marketing communications, marketing strategy and branding. Dr. Bell's recent research has examined the effects of firms' organizational values and cultures on marketing outcomes, including customer satisfaction and corporate reputation. Other research projects examine the intersections between marketing and other organizational functions, and the effect of cultural variables (e.g., language and accent) on branding and advertising.



Peer Reviewed Journal Articles


Nath, P. and M. Bell (2012). When the Twain Should Meet: A Study of the Structural Integration

of the Marketing and Public Relations Functions in the C-Suite. Invited for revision by Journal of Marketing Communications.


Puzakova, M., H. Kwak and M. Bell. (2012). Beyond Seeing McDonald’s Fiesta Menu: The

Role of Accent in Brand Sincerity of Ethnic Products and Brands. Invited for revision by Journal of Advertising.


Peer Reviewed Proceedings


Suri, R., S. Feng and M. Bell (2013). Effects of Classical Music on Avoidance of Price

Computations. Proceedings of the American Marketing Association Summer Educators’ Conference. Innovating and Collaborating in a Global Marketplace, Vol. 24, eds. Rebecca Slotegraaf and David Griffith, Chicago: American Marketing Association, forthcoming.


Puzakova, M., H. Kwak and M. Bell. (2012). Beyond Seeing McDonald’s Fiesta Menu: The

Role of Accent in Brand Sincerity of Ethnic Products and Brands. In Advances in Consumer Research Volume 40, eds. Zeynep Gurhan-Canli, Cele Otnes and Juliet Rui Zhu. Duluth, MN: Association for Consumer Research.


Nath, P. and M. Bell. (2011). Marketing and Public Relations Integration: A Study of its

Drivers in the Firm’s C-Suite. Proceedings of the American Marketing Association Winter Educators’ Conference. Austin, TX.


Bell, M., M. Puzakova and H. Kwak. (2009). The Effects of Spokesperson Accent on Attitude

toward Advertising and Brand: A Hedonic versus Utilitarian Perspective. Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference. Baltimore, MD: Academy of Marketing Science.


Annabella España-Nájera

Annabella EspanaNajera

Department: Assistant Professor-CLAS


•PhD. and M.A. (Political Science) from the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN.

• B.A. from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

Contact Information:

Office: Social Science 222
Phone: (579)278-3020

Research Interests:

Dr. España-Nájera research interests are focused on contemporary political issues in Latin America. She is concerned with studying regimes and the challenges to consolidating and fortifying democracies in the region. Her research has focused on institution and institutionalization, especially in terms of party systems and political parties. She has analyzed what factors shape these institutions and what impact they in turn have on the quality of democracy in Latin America. Currently, her research interests have also sought to analyze the state in Central America, exploring the development of weak states and their consequences for questions of democracy and security in the region.

Teaching Interests:

Dr. España-Nájera's teaching interests include contemporary issues in Latin America, in particular in how they relate to questions of regime and regime change, inequality and development, and institutions and institutionalization. Her classes adopt a comperative perspective, which use comparisons of countries or regions to gain a more in-depth understanding of processes of development and change.

Publications or Papers:

"Polarización en América Latina, comparando sistemas de partidos politicos e individuos a través del tiempo" Boletines Proyecto de Élites Parlamentarias Latinoamericanas

"The Vote Share of New and Young Parties" (with Scott Mainwaring and Carlos Gervasoni), Kellogg Institute Working Paper Series, #368, University of Notre Dame, July 2010

"Surveying the Field: Basic Graduate Training in Comparative Politics" (with Xavier Márquez and Paul Vasquez), APSA-CP Newsletter, 14:1: 28-34, Winter 2003

Partow Hooshmandrad

Department: Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute Endowed Faculty in Persian Language & Culture, Department of Music

Hooshmandrad photoEducation:

Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology, University of California, Berkeley.

Contact Information:

Office: Musci 216

Research Interests:

Partow Hooshmandrad holds a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from the University of California, Berkeley. She has done extensive research on the cultural heritage of the Kurdish Ahl-i Haqq (Yarsan) of Guran since 2000. As a scholar and a musician she specializes in the devotional practices of the Ahl-i Haqq including the musical repertoire, the texts, and the rituals, as well as Iranian classical music. She has won several awards for her research endeavors including generous grants from the National Geographic Conservation Trust Fund, Alfred Hertz Memorial Scholarships, the Kurdish National Congress, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Al-Falah Program for Islamic Studies (Center for Middle Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley). She has written and presented papers on various aspects of Ahl-i Haqq life, Iranian classical music, and other musical practices of Iran. Hooshmandrad has also appeared on KPFA radio Berkeley and performed for the Marin League of the San Francisco Symphony. As the Roshan Endowed Faculty in Persian Language & Culture, she currently teaches at California State University, Fresno, Department of Music, and is actively involved in the development of the Persian Language & Culture Studies and Middle East Studies Program. Prior to joining the academic community at CSU Fresno, Partow taught at the University of Kurdistan, Hawler, in the Federal Region of Kurdistan, Iraq.

Her most recent and upcoming publications include:

  • Forthcoming.  Musical Repertoire of the Kurdish Ahl-i Haqq of Guran: Classification, Structure, and Performance Practice.  Tehran:  Mahoor Institute of Culture & Art.

  • 2020 (In Press).  “Religious Musical Knowledge and Modes of Transmission Among the Kurdish Ahl-e Haqq of Guran.”  Oral Tradition 32/2. 

  • 2020 (In Press).  Encyclopedia Iranica s.v. “Kurdistan XI. Music, II. Ahl-e Haqq.”  Ed. Yarshater,Ehsan.  New York:  Bibliotheca Iranica.

  • 2019.  Nazms of Guran:  A Pedagogical Presentation.  Tanbur, Kaka-berar Ostad.  Production supervisor and booklet, Partow Hooshmandrad.  USB. Tehran: Mahoor Institute of Culture and Arts.

  • 2019.  Dariush Zargari Tonbak/Zarbداریوش زرگری تنبک/ضرب  (edited video production of over 32 teachings on the Iranian percussion instrument tonbak/zarb).  You-Tube production.

  • 2017.  Selections from Tanbur Nazms of Guran.  Tanbur, Pegah Salimi.  Recording Supervisor and Booklet, Partow Hooshmandrad.  CD. Tehran: Mahoor Institute of Culture and Arts.

  • 2015.  Music of Yarsan:  A Living Tradition (educational documentary film).  DVD. Tehran: Mahoor Institute of Culture and Arts.

  • 2015.  “Contemplating the Tanbur of the Kurdish Ahl-i Haqq of Guran:  A Biographical Organology.” Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society 41.

  • 2014.  Encyclopedia Iranica s.v. “Tarz-e Yari” (audio recording entry).  Ed. Yarshater,Ehsan.  New York:  Bibliotheca Iranica.

  • 2014.  “Life as Ritual:  Devotional Practices of the Kurdish Ahl-i Ḥaqq of Gurān.”  Religious Minorities in Kurdistan: Beyond the Mainstream.  Ed. Khanna Omarkhali.  Studies in Oriental Religions 68.  Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag. (*also Turkish translation by Avesta Publishing House in 2014).

  • 2013.  Ritual Music of Guran.  Regional Music of Iran 41.  Tehran: Mahoor Institute of Culture and Arts. (Two-CD album of selected solo and group chants of Guran as performed by the kalam-khwans of the region with detailed English and Persian booklets on the devotional practices and the performed musical modes).

  • 2001-2002.  Daneshwar, Sayyid Barzu.  Ed. Partow Hooshmandrad. Rah-e Rahrovan-e Yarestan (The Path of the Wayfarers of Yarestan).  Kermanshah, Iran: Chashma-ye Honar va Danesh.

Debbie Kemp

Department: Professor-Finance & Business Law/Business

Education: J.D. U of Florida 1981

Contact Information:

Office: PB 543
Phone: (559)278-4984

Research Interests: Intellectual property: copyright, trademark, geographic indications for wine and agriculture. Student involvement in research projects.

Teaching Interests: Comparative international business law, especially wine and agricultural products.

Publications or Papers: Trademarks and Geographical Indications: A Case of California Champagne, with Lynn M. Forsythe, 10:2 Chapman Law Review 1 (Winter, 2006)

Kevin Lee

Department: International Business Concentration Coordinator

Education: PhD Finance – University of Arkansas

Contact Information: 

Office: PB 217
Phone: (559)278-2308

Research Interests:

International Finance, Banking, International Business

Teaching Interests:

International Finance and International Business

Publications or Papers:

"The Institutional Impact on the Outreach and Profitability of Microfinance Organizations", (with Kathy Fogel and William McCumber), 2011 Chapter 10 in Audretsch, D., Falck, O., and Heblich, S., (eds.) Handbook of Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, pp. 119-131, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing

"A Value-at-Risk Approach to Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Stress Testing at US Commercial Banks" (with John Hall, David Kern, Tom King, and Timothy Yeager) 2011 – Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions 5, pp. 60-75

"The Effects of Investor Bias and Gender on Portfolio Performance and Risk" (with Scott Miller, Nicole F. Velasquez, and Christi Wann) Forthcoming – The International Journal of Business and Finance Research

"The Effects of Bank Capital Constraints on Post-Acquisition Performance" (with Chris Brune and Scott Miller) Forthcoming – Journal of Economics and Finance

Shane Moreman, PhD

Shane Moreman, PhD

Department: Associate (with Tenure)-Communication

PhD in Communication, University of South Florida

MA in Communication, University of South Florida

BA in English, University of Texas, San Antonio

Contact Information:

Office: Speech Arts 10
Phone: (559)278-2994

Research Interests:

Dr. Moreman's research mainly concerns Latina/o populations, but more generally it involves critical approaches to the communicative and performative aspects of all cultural identity expression and interaction. His approach to the study and research of culture centers on conceptions of race and ethnicity and from there branches out to other identity characteristics like citizenship, gender, sexuality and age. In 2008, he received "Latina/o Scholar of the Year" from the Latina/o Communication Studies Division of the National Communication Association. Also in 2008, Dr. Moreman was awarded the Outstanding Advisor of the Year Award, as nominated by his undergraduate and graduate students.

Teaching Interests:

Dr. Moreman teaches Intercultural Communication at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. Additionally, he has developed and taught Communication Theory and Research (graduate), Cultural Criticism of Media (graduate), Gender Communication, Ethnography as Communication Inquiry (graduate), Fundamentals of Public Communication, Performance as Communication, and Tourist as Cultural Communicator (held in México over Spring Break). In Spring 2009, Dr. Moreman was in England teaching and co-Directing the College of A&H's London Semester. In Summer 2012 he taught in Costa Rica.

Other Interests:

Shane grew up in South Texas (near Corpus Christi), so he still officially calls the Lone Star state home. However, he has grown to love Fresno—especially its arts scene. He actively attends and enjoys local and regional arts venues with his favorite-guy-to-save-a-seat-for, his partner Donald Munro.

Publications or Papers:

He has publications in Communication Theory, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, Text and Performance Quarterly, Journal of International & Intercultural Communication, Liminalities, The Communication Review and Theatre Journal.  He was also co-editor of a special issue of TPQ on “Latina/o Performativities.” Additionally, he has book chapters in Latina/o Communication Studies Today and The Handbook of Critical Intercultural Communication.

Helda Pinzon-Perez

Department: Public Health

Education: Ph.D. in Health Education; MPH (Masters of Public Health); MS (Masters of Science); MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing); BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing)

Contact Information:

Office: McLane Hall J Wing Room 19
Phone: (559)278-5329

Research Interests: International Health; Hispanic-Latino Health; Alternative Medicine

Teaching Interests: Global and cultural issues in health; International Health; Hispanic-Latino Health; Alternative Medicine

Other Interests: Likes Andean music

Publications or Papers:

Pinzon-Perez, H., Alonso, L., & Fajardo, E. (2012). Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A New Professional Arena for Clinical Nurse Specialists and Health Educators. Revista Cientifica Salud Uninorte, 28(1): 162-170. Available online at Peer Reviewed.

Miller, Sylvia & Pinzon-Perez, H. (2011). Nursing's Role in Advance Care Planning for Hispanic / Latino Individuals. Revista Cientifica Salud Uninorte, 27(1). Available online at Peer Reviewed.

Hatmaker, G., Pinzon-Perez, H., Khang, X., & Cha, C. (2010). The Hmong and Their Perceptions About Physical Disabilities: An Overview and Review of Selected Literature. Hmong Studies Journal. 11:1-16. Available online at . Peer Reviewed.

Pinzon-Perez, H., Kotkin-Jaszi, S., & Perez, M. (2010). Childhood Diabesity: International Applications for Health Education and Health Policy. International Electronic Journal of Health Education, 13:125-134. Available online at Peer Reviewed.

Pinzon-Perez, H. & Mountcastle, K. (2008). Proposed Health Policies for Childhood Diabesity Prevention In The Dominican Republic: Implications for Nursing. Hispanic Health Care International, 8(3). Nursing Journal. Available online at, 165-173. Peer Reviewed.

Pinzon-Perez, H. (2007). A Review of Obesity and its Relationship with the Built Environment: Implications for Health Educators. International Electronic Journal of Health Education, 10:78-84. Peer Reviewed.

Pinzon-Perez, H. & Gonzalez, J. (2007). The Role of Rural Latino Farm Working Males in the Prevention of Breast Cancer Among their Female Partners: An Example of Community-Based Research. The Journal for Civic Commitment. 8th Issue. Available online at . Peer Reviewed.

Pinzon-Perez, H. & Soto, T.(2006). Viewing Patterns of Television Advertisements Among Rural Latino Farm Working Mothers: Implications for Childhood Overweight Prevention. Hispanic Health Care International, 4(4):211-218. Peer Reviewed.

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Perez, M., Moua, L., & Pinzon-Perez, H. (2006). Food Preparation, Practices, and Safety in the Hmong Community. Hmong Studies Journal, 7:1-24. Peer Reviewed.

Pinzon-Perez, H. & Rodriguez, M. (2006). Service Learning in the Classroom: Faculty and Student Viewpoints. Exchanges . Online Journal of the California State University. Office of the Chancellor. Fall/06 issue. Available at . Peer Reviewed.

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Pinzon-Perez, H., Perez, M., Torres, V. & Krenz, V. (2005). A Qualitative Study about Cervical Cancer Screening Among Latinas Living in a Rural Area of California: Lessons for Health Educators. American Journal of Health Education, 36(4), pp. 228-236. Peer Reviewed.

Pinzon-Perez, H. (2005). Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Holistic Health, and Integrative Healing: Applications in Health Education. American Journal of Health Education. 36(3), pp. 174-176. By Invitation.

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Perez, M. & Pinzon-Perez, H. (2005). Uso del Tabaco entre los Jovenes Colombianos: Retos para los Profesionales en Salud Publica [Tobacco Use in Colombian Youth: Challenges for Public Health Professionals. Journal Salud Uninorte.   pp. 66-75. Peer Reviewed.

Pinzon-Perez, H. (2003). Lessons from developing countries: Health education in the global village. American Journal of Health Education. 34(2):101-103. By invitation.

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Pinzon, H.L. (1988). El Rol del profesional de Enfermería en Educación Participativa con comunidades rurales" [The Role of Professional Nurses in Participant Education with Rural Communities], ANEC. Bogotá, Colombia. Refereed

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Perez, M.A.,, Pinzon-Perez, H.L., & Alonso, L.M. (2007). Promoción de la Salud: Conceptos y Aplicaciones [Health Promotion: Concepts and Applications]. Ediciones UniNorte. Universidad El Norte. Barranquilla, Colombia. 186 pages.

Book Chapters:

Pinzon-Perez, H. (2012). Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Culturally Competent Health Education. Chapter 4- Revisions for second edition. Cultural Competence in Health Education and Health Promotion. Editors: Perez M., & Luquis, R. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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Pinzon-Perez, H. & Perez, M. (2002).   El Jardin Silencioso: Criando a su hijo sordo [The Silent Garden. Raising your Deaf Child]. Author: Paul Ogden. Hillsboro, Oregon: Butte Publications Inc.

Meta Schettler

Department: Africana Studies Program

Education: B.A. in Political Science, Brown University, M.A. in African American Studies, Yale University, Ph.D. in African American Studies, Temple University

Contact Information:

Office: Science I, Room 150
Phone: (559)278-4593

Research Interests: African American literature, history and culture, African literature, the anti-apartheid era and contemporary South African politics and culture, postcolonialism and feminism, Afrocentrism and multiculturalism

Teaching Interests: African cultural perspectives, South Africa, African American literature, writing instruction, multiculturalism

Other Interests: I participated in the San Joaquin Valley Writing Project in the summer of 2011 (see for more info), joined the WAC Council for Writing Across the Curriculum in the spring of 2012, and also completed the WAC inaugural seminar in the spring of 2012 with a cohort of faculty from across our campus. I have an abiding interest in writing: writing instruction, creative writing (especially poetry), collaborative work with other writing teachers from all grade levels, new digital technologies such as Wordle and wikis, collaborative work with other writers through workshops in Fresno (e.g. Random Writers Workshop led by Mike Medrano, workshops at the Center for Mindfulness led by Deborah Palmer), art and writing, and, last but not least, open mic events in the community to celebrate and share creative writing.

Publications or Papers:

"Radical Connections/Radical Breaks: African American Writers and the Haiku Form," MELUS Conference Proceedings for 2012, Ethnic Literatures and Transnationalism, accepted for publication Summer 2012, forthcoming 2013

"Healing and Loss: Richard Wright's Haiku and the Southern Landscape," The Other World of Richard Wright: Perspectives on His Haiku, edited by Jianqing Zheng, Jackson: University of Mississippi Press, 2011.

Book review, Incognegro: A Memoir of Exile and Apartheid, by Frank B. Wilderson, III, for Callaloo: A Journal of African Diaspora Arts and Letters. Vol. 32, no. 1, Winter 2009.

"'The rifle bullet': African American History in Richard Wright's Unpublished Haiku," Valley Voices: A Literary Review, Vol. 8, No. 2, The Richard Wright Centennial Issue, 2008.

"Seeking Unity in the Postcolonial Era: Gender and Violence in the Writings of Nawal el Saadawi and Bessie Head," in African Diasporas: Ancestors, Migrations and Borders, edited by Robert Cancel and Winifred Woodhull, African Literature Association Annual Series, Vol. 14, Africa World Press, 2008.