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Scholars, Spies, and Global Studies

Chronicle of Higher Education, August 13, 2012

An interesting article that came out recently about Global Studies by Dr. Dirks.

Abstract: No one doubts that globalization is one of the most important trends of our day. Nor does anyone question that it affects what we study, how we teach, and whom we seek to reach. Beyond that, however, there is little consensus.


Here are some article that touch on some of the goals of this Cohort.

Northern Arizona U. Overhauls Curriculum to Focus on 'Global Competence'

Abstract: The article discusses efforts by U.S. universities and colleges to teach students to be globally competent, that is, to be able to understand the relationship between local and international problems such as energy consumption and deforestation. The author looks at Northern Arizona University president John D. Haeger's comments about the curricular focus on internationalization, the impact of Harvey Charles, the University's vice provost for international education, on foreign student enrollment, and similar global education efforts at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College in Minnesota according to English professor Ranae Hanson. Also mentioned are comments by Fernando M. Reimers, director of global education at Harvard University.


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