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Self-Study Links


CFR1.1 - Mission Statement

CFR1.2 - Student Achievement

CFR1.3 - Organizational Chart

CFR1.4 - Academic Freedom Policy

CFR1.5 - Diversity Statement and Procedures

CFR1.5 - Accommodation for Disabilities

CFR1.6 - Authority of Controlling Entity

CFR1.7a - Catalog

CFR1.7b - Student Complaint and Grievance Policy

CFR1.7c - Grade Appeals Policies

CFR1.7d - Faculty Complaint and Grievance Policies

CFR1.7e - Staff Complaint and Grievance Policies

CFR1.7e - Employee handbook or equivalent

CFR1.7h - Policies for changing grades

CFR1.7i - Tuition and Fee Schedule

CFR1.7j - Tuition Refund Policy

CFR1.7k - Credit Hour Policy

CFR1.7l - Policy on Human Subjects in Research


CFR2.1 - List of degree programs

CFR2.2 - GE Requirements for associates and bachelors degrees

CFR2.7 - Program Review process and schedule

CFR2.8 - Policy regarding faculty scholarship and creative activity

CFR2.10 - Policy regarding student evaluation of faculty

CFR2.12 - Academic Calendar

CFR2.13 - Examples of recruitment and advertising material

CFR2.14 - Policy on Transfer Credit


CFR3.1 - Staff Development Policies

CFR3.3a - Faculty Evaluation policy and procedures

CFR3.3b - Faculty Handbook

CFR3.4 - Faculty Development Policy

CFR3.4a - Faculty Orientation Policies and Procedures

CFR3.4b - Policies on rights and responsibilities of non-full-time faculty

CFR3.5a - Most Recent Financial Aid Results

CFR3.5c - Last report of two- and three- year cohort default rates

CFR3.9a - List of governing board members with CVs

CFR3.9b - List of governing board committees with members

CFR3.9c - Minutes of Board meetings for last 2 years

CFR3.9d - Governing Board Bylaws and Operations Manual

CFR3.10a - CEO Biographical Information

CFR3.10b - Policy and Procedure for Evaluation of President/CEO

CFR3.11a - Faculty Governing Body Charges, Bylaws and Authority

CFR3.11a - Faculty Governance Organizational Chart


CFR4.1 - Strategic Plan and related documents

CFR4.2 - Description of the planning process including plan for monitoring of implementation

CFR4.4 - New Program Approval Process

CFR4.5 - Description of Institutional Research function and staffing

CFR4.8 - List of Major Industry or other Advisory Committees