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 About Us

 Academic Senate Chair Photo

“Welcome to the webpage of the Academic Senate at Fresno State.  The senate is the primary means by which faculty develop and enact the university’s academic policies and consult with the administration.  Whether it is through membership on senate committees, or by serving on the full senate, participation in shared governance through the Academic Senate is how we make sure students are well served with the best, most comprehensive curriculum possible and how academic freedom is defended.  The American Association of University Professors and the California Legislature have long recognized that universities are strongest when faculty participate in developing its curriculum and policies.  I invite you to become involved!” – Tom Holyoke, Chair, Academic Senate

“The Legislature recognizes that joint decision-making and consultation between administration and faculty or academic employees is the long-accepted manner of governing institutions of higher learning and is essential to the performance of the educational missions of such institutions, and declares that it is the purpose of this act to both preserve and encourage that process.” – Excerpt from Section 3561(b) of the California Higher Education Employer-Employees Relations Act.