OIE Faculty Fellows

Faculty Research that addresses questions of importance to the university

In an effort to support institutional research questions of importance to the university as well as provide support to research, scholarship and creative activities at Fresno State, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) has launched the OIE Faculty Fellows program. The Center for Faculty Excellence is also a partner and sponsor. The program offers funding for collaborative research with OIE during the academic year (and summer.) The program intends to fund at least one faculty member from each college. The OIE Faculty Fellows program will help build capacity to perform institutional applied research, and is designed to support OIE and faculty research collaboration. The pilot program will also inform planning for OIE to develop a research support service center for faculty researchers. In general, awards may be in the form of stipends, or for assigned time, and/or for education materials, professional development, supplies, travel and student support. The awarding conditions are subject to negotiation.

The topics listed below are examples of institutional research needs. OIE Faculty Fellows are not limited to these topics:

  • The Education Pipeline: Collaborations with high schools and community colleges.
  • Understanding the preparation and flow of public and private high school students to Fresno State.
  • Exploring factors predicting retention and graduation rate performance.
  • NSSE and FSSE and what the data say about student engagement at Fresno State.
  • Underrepresented minorities and closing the achievement gap: What works in moving students to timely graduation?
  • Exploring the factors that lead to improvement in remediation.
  • Exploring student financial aid and student loan debt.
  • Jobs after graduation: Understanding Trends and Changes in the Business Sectors in the service region.
  • DISCOVERe and the impact or effectiveness of tablet technology in teaching and learning.
  • Studies of student and faculty campus climate.
  • What works in moving students to timely graduation?
  • Improving college preparation of Hmong and Southeast Asian students in the K12 education pipeline.
  • Veterans at Fresno State: What are their needs, and support services for graduation success?