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Student Outcomes Assessment Plan: SOAPs

Fresno State SOAP Template

A different common template for assessment known as the Student Outcomes Assessment Plan (SOAP) was introduced in 2013 and revised extensively in 2016. Departments and programs were required to use this version of the SOAP Template from 2016-2019 and this template is still used by most programs. However, in 2019 a revised version of the SOAP Template that more closely aligns to the Chancellors Office assessment guidelines was developed. Departments and Programs that revise their SOAPs have been using the new SOAP template since Fall 2019 . This new template has been only slightly revised (and it is organized in a slightly way to align to the Chancellor's Office assessment template). Therefore, a lot of information can be cut and pasted into the new template from the previous SOAP. When you do revise or create a new SOAP, please delete all unnecessary text and use the 2019 SOAP Template. If you have any questions about the required elements, you can access a document with a description of each of the required SOAP elements by clicking here. If you have any additional questions about revising your SOAP or are having difficulty using the template, please contact the Director of Assessment, Dr. Douglas Fraleigh ( Each time you revise or update your SOAP, please send the new version to Dr. Fraleigh as soon as possible so that the current version can be posted on the OIE website. 

Examples of SOAPs:

Africana Studies SOAP

 Africana Studies B.A. SOAP

All SOAPs can be accessed and reviewed by using the links on the left to go the page for each College or School at Fresno State.

Faculty and SOAP Policy

This policy was approved by the Academic Senate in March of 2000.

Program Review Policy (updated 2006)

Assessment of learning outcomes is an increasingly important part of Program Review. For more information, see the Academic Program Review section of the OIE website.