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Major Assessment Reports 2015-2016 AY


Department 2015-2016 AY Posted
Art, BA Report 09-2016
Art, MA Report 09-2016
Art-Graphic Design, BA Report  09-2016
Communications, BA Report  09-2016 
English-Creative Writing, MFA Report  09-2016 
English, BA  Report  09-2016 
English, MA Report  09-2016 
English-Education Option, BA Report  09-2016 
French, BA Report  09-2016 
Linguistics, BA Report  09-2016 
Mass Communications and Journalism, BA Report  09-2016 
Music, BA  Report  09-2016 
Philosophy, BA Report  09-2016 
Spanish, BA Report  09-2016 
Spanish, MA Report  09-2016 
Theatre Arts, BA Report 09-2016
Department Report Posted
Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies, BA Report 09-2016
Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies, MA Report 09-2016
Kinesiology, BS & MS Report 09-2016 
Nursing, BA Report  09-2016 
Public Health, MA Report  09-2016 
Recreation Administration, BA Report  09-2016 
Social Work, B.A Report 03-2016
Social Work, MSW Report 03-2016
Department Report Posted
Africana Studies, BA Report 09-2016
Anthropology, BA Report 09-2016
Chicano and Latin American Studies, BA Report   09-2016  
Criminology, BS Report 03-2017
Criminology, MS Report   09-2016  
Geography, BA Report   09-2016  
History, BA Report 09-2016
History, MA Report   09-2016  
Political Science, BA Report   09-2016  
Political Science, MA Report 09-2016
Sociology, BA Report 03-2017
Women's Studies, BA Report   09-2016  
Department Report Posted
Business Administration, BA Report 09-2016
Business Administration, MBA Report 09-2016
Economics, BA Report  09-2016 
Department Report Posted
Biology, BS Report 09-2016
Chemistry, BA/BS Report 03-2017
Chemistry-Biochemistry, BS Report 03-2017
Computer Science, BS Report 09-2016
Computer Science, MS Report  09-2016 
Geology, BS Report  03-2016
Geology, MS Report 09-2016
Physics, BS Report  09-2016 
Physics-Biomedical, BS Report  09-2016 
Psychology, BS Report 09-2016
Psychology, MS Report 09-2016
Department Report Posted
Agricultural Business, BA Report 09-2016
Agricultural Business-Communications, BA Report 09-2016
Agricultural Business-Teacher Option, BA Report  09-2016 
Animal Science, BS Report  09-2016 
Child, Family, and Consumer Sciences, BA Report  09-2016 
Enology, BS Report  09-2016 
Fashion Merchandising, BS Report  09-2016 
Food Science and Nutrition, BS Report 09-2016
Industrial Technology, BS Report 09-2016
Viticulture, BS Report 09-2016
Viticulture & Enology, MS Report 09-2016
Department Report Posted
Civil Engineering, BS Report 09-2016
Civil Engineering, MS Report 03-2017
Construction Management, BS Report 09-2016
Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering, BS Report 09-2016 
Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering, MS Report  09-2016 
Geomatics Engineering, BS Report  09-2016 
Mechanical Engineering, BS Report  09-2016 
Mechanical Engineering, MS Report 03-2017