Smittcamp Family Honors College
President's Honors Scholarship

The Smittcamp Family Honors College (SFHC) is grateful to the following individuals and/or organizations for their generous, and continuous donations to establish the President's Honors Scholarship (PHS) fund:

  • The Smittcamp Family
    Dr. and Mrs. Lee R. Copeland
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kimball
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smittcamp
    Mr. and Mrs. William Smittcamp
  • Adolph and Margaret Strantz Scholarship
  • Ag One-General Grant
  • Albert Graves Wishon II Scholarship
  • Alfred and Lois Krommer Scholarship
  • Arthur Safstrom Memorial Scholarship
  • Barbara Mabee Scholarship
  • College of Science and Mathematics Scholarship
  • David and Bernice Fraysher Scholarship
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Rodemeyer
  • Dr. and Mrs. W.T. Barr Scholarship
  • Ed and Ann Hildebrand Memorial Scholarship
  • Elsa B. Einstein Scholarship
  • Estes, Hairabedian, and Johnson Scholarship
  • Fernando C. "Fred" Machado Scholarship
  • Florence Free Scholarship
  • Frank Moradian Memorial Scholarship
  • Fresno Merchant Association Scholarship
  • Fresno State Alumni Association
  • Gary L. Crooker Memorial Scholarship
  • Hans and Anna Beck Scholarship
  • Henry and Ann Moradian Scholarship
  • Homer and Billie Sterios Scholarship
  • Jane Duncan President's Nursing Scholarship
  • Jess and Zella Rodman Scholarship
  • Joe, Evelyn and Michael Enos Memorial Scholarship
  • John J. "Hans" Wall and Hazel R. Wall Scholarship
  • John W. Long Scholarship
  • Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology
  • June and H.H. (Kelly) Courtright Scholarship
  • Katherine L. Ruhberg Scholarship
  • Kenneth and Barbara Potter Scholarship
  • Leon S. Peters Scholarship
  • Margaret Whitten Music Scholarship
  • Nalchaljian Family Scholarship
  • President's Circle Scholarship
  • Richard and Kay Whitten Scholarship
  • Robert C. Mize Scholarship
  • Robert J. Glim Scholarship
  • Ross Borba, Sr. Family Grant
  • Smittcamp Family Scholarship
  • Walter R. Farrell and Lillian L. Farrell Scholarship
  • William Glenn Miller Memorial Scholarship