Listed below are grant funding resources that may be of assistance to staff and faculty in the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology or to others interested in obtaining external funding for agricultural-related programs and research. These resources will hopefully provide opportunities for those interested in obtaining external funding for research or programs to help fulfill the mission of the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology. These resources are made available for your convenience; we are also happy to help you with searches.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs can assist in a number of ways to help facilitate the grant writing process to make it a more rewarding and positive experience. If you are interested in pursuing external funding, please contact Grace Liu at 278-0857 or

This website provides an excellent starting point to review and learn about the funding available through the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). It provides links to currently funded programs and also a search engine to assist in identifying potential funding sources.
The USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s website provides a listing of currently available programs with snapshots of available programs.  It also serves as an excellent resource for insights into the current policies and funding initiatives of the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
The USDA “Rural Cooperative Development Grant Program” website provides extensive information regarding rural programs funded by the agency and a limited search engine to locate specific grant programs.
This site provides specific information regarding a number of grant programs funded by the U. S. Department of Commerce that focus on agricultural-related initiatives.  There is a search engine to assist in locating grant programs of interest.
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) promotes international agricultural and agricultural education programs.  This agency funds a range of research and program activities and provides a limited search engine to assist in locating programs of interest.
The U. S. Department of Interior provides several grant programs that are related to agriculture.  It provides a search engine to assist in locating programs of interest to the researcher and allows for searching by subject and individual program sources of funding.
The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides a range of funding initiatives that relate to agricultural programs and research.  This “Grants and Fellowship Information” web page provides a search engine to identify potential grant opportunities.  The site also provides a range of resources that give insight into the funding priorities and focus of the agency.
The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) website provides an excellent search engine to help identify subject and agency funding opportunities.  This is the most comprehensive resource of all federal funding sources.  The down side is that this will provide rather lengthy lists of potential programs for general terms.
This is an excellent search engine developed by the Executive Branch (the White House) for finding federal grant programs.  Here also vague or very general terms will result in a very long list of potential funding sources.  Thus, for best results it is important to give serious thought to one’s project before utilizing this website and to contact ORSP for assistance.
This is also another excellent and comprehensive search engine in looking for funding sources across all federal agencies.  This is also the main web site for the submission of most federal grant applications.
U. S. Census Bureau’s “QuickFacts” provides valuable census data for use in grant application preparation.  It also allows for searching more detailed census data by county, city, and census tract.

This is the website for the California Department of Food and Agriculture and provides both a listing of currently available grant programs and a limited search engine.  It also provides a number of useful links to agricultural data for the State of California and on regional subunits.
The State Water Resource Control Board provides a wide range of funding opportunities that are related to agriculture.  This is an excellent site for identifying local and regional programs funded by the State of California.
The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District provides a number of grant programs related to agriculture.  It also provides an excellent resource for local and statewide data which is useful in grant application preparation.
This is an excellent website to search out funding by the different agencies and commissions within the California government.  It provides a search engine to assist in identifying agricultural-related programs and research.
The California State University provides numerous analytical studies and performance reports for high school and community colleges.  This can be very helpful in providing state and regional data in preparing grant applications.
Most county-level grant programs are announced and handled through the Purchasing Office of each county.  Fresno County announces grant programs in a “bid” format which makes preparation of the grant application somewhat different than other governmental agencies.  Please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for assistance in preparing grant proposals to county purchasing offices.
First 5 Fresno County provides a range of grant programs dealing with early child development and family-related programs.  This website also provides useful state and local data for assistance in preparing grant proposals.


Fundsnet Services Online :
Fundsnet is a free database of current funding opportunities. From Fundsnet’s homepage, you can select categories such as “Regional Grants” and then “California Grants.”
The Fresno Regional Foundation provides a wide range of private funding for local programs. It also provides links to a range of larger private foundations headquartered on the West coast.
The College Access Foundation of California provides grants to community-based organizations. It provides grants for collaborative grant applications related to agriculture involving government and community-based organizations.
The Great Valley Center provides periodic grant funding opportunities for regionally- based programs. The Center covers a wide range of funding opportunities, many of which are related to agriculture.