Chancellor's Office Awards for
Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

The budget of the California State University includes funding for faculty awards for research, scholarship, and creative activity. The funds have been allocated to each campus on a prorated FTEF basis.

The purpose of this program is to provide time and seed funds that will help faculty remain current in their disciplines, attract external funding to expand research opportunities, pursue new ways to enrich student learning, and contribute to knowledge that will strengthen California socially, culturally, and economically. The program provides $5,000 competitive awards annually, primarily for release time or summer pay. One of many selection criteria for these awards is the likelihood that they will lead to successful grants.


All college competitions go live: January 25th at 8:00 AM  
All competitions close: February 22nd at 11:59 PM 
Anticipated Awarding: April 9th  - Based on Funding 

Where do I submit my application? 

All applications will be submitted via  InfoReady.


For more information, please contact Edgar Parrilla | ext.8-0854 |