Graduate Research Fellowship

Second Cohort

The second cohort of the Graduate Research Fellowship took place during the 2016-2017 academic year. The cohorts are made up by students from different academic backgrounds to help them succeed in their academic and professional careers.

      Meghan Andershon     Erik Arevalo     Alex Bachtelle

        Meghan Anderson              Eric Arevalo                    Alex Bachtelle
             M.A. History                   M.S. Biology                          D.P.T.

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     Carolyn Bentely     Meghan Cartier     Hope Castro

        Carolyn Bentley                 Meghan Cartier                 Hope Castro
                 D.P.T                              M.A. Art                    M.A. Psychology

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     Savonna Greer     Alexandra Gregory     Melissa Miller

           Savonna Greer          Alexandria Gregory               Melissa Miller
            M.A. History               M.A. Kinesiology                       D.P.T.

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     Manee P     Amninder Sighn     Jaideep Sighn

  Manee Patanapongpibul          Amninder Singh              Jaideep Singh
         M.S. Chemistry           M.S. Animal Science            M.S. Chemistry

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      Jeevjyot Singh-Chhabda     Gary Smalz     Braedon Worman

  Jeevjyot Singh-Chhabda           Gary Smalz                Braedon Worman
  M.S. Computer Science            M.S. Biology            M.A. Communications

Not Pictured:

  • Michelle Bergen, M.S.N.
  • Yan Jiang, M.S.N.
  • Brian Platt, M.S. Geology
  • Erik Rangel, M.S. Chemistry