Graduate Research Fellowship

First Cohort

The first cohort of the Graduate Research Fellowship was during the 2015-2016 academic year. The cohort was made up by student from different academic backgrounds to help them succeed in their academic and professional careers. 


          Greta Bell      Taylan Bennett     Blank Profile - Woman         

                    Greta Bell,                        Taylan Bennett,                    April Booth,                                                                         M.A. History               M.A. Higher Education                M.S. Biology Separating Line

          Leslie Cobb     Melissa Henry       Deaun Hwang

                Leslie Cobb,                       Melissa Henry,                        Daeun Hwang,                                                        M.A. Communications                M.S. Counseling                     M.S. BiologySeparating Line

         Edward Mertens          Rima Maldpnado      Megan Negatu

               Edward Mertens,                    Rima Maldonado                   Megan Negatu                                                   M.A. Curriculum & Instruction     M.A. Higher Education        Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT)       Separating Line        

          Thou Yee        Casey Polon        Katellyn Shea

                 Touyee Thao                           Casey Polon                         Katelyn Shea                                                       M.S. Plant Science                     M.S. Geology               Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT)Separating Line

        Monica Quintero           May K. Vang       Huy Vo, Doctorate of Physical Therapy

             Monica Quintero                              May K. Vang                            Huy Vo                                                               M.A. Higher Education          M.A. Higher Education         Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT)       Separating Line

 Not Pictured:

Giuliano Galdi, M.S. Plant Science

Joisue Monroy, M.S. Plant Science

Elizabeth Mosqueda, M.S. Plant Science

Nicole Vulich, M.A. Comunications

Sheng Zhang, M.S. Biotechnology

Xiaojie Zhang, M.S. Biotechnology