Conducting Faculty Searches 

2020-2021 Steps to open a Tenure Track Search

  1. Approved Search - approved by the Provost and your Dean.
  2. Elect a committee in the Department.
  3. Email Marsha Baum to schedule training and to be assigned an EEOD.
  4. As a committee, complete training with Marsha Baum, AVP for Faculty Affairs
     - During training, select a communication representative (PageUp processes) to manage the applicant's communications.
  5. Create a recruitment plan including an estimated timeline for review, telephone interviews, and in-person interviews.
  6. After the consultation, submit your final draft word document to to initiate recruitment for online approvals.
  7. Search is opened and posted on standard sites - Higher Ed Jobs, Inside Higher Ed, Chronicle online, and various diversity postings.
    - A confirmation email from JobElephant will be sent as well as suggestions for additional postings.  You may request additional postings through JobElephant at this time.

Resources for the Search Committee

  • Procedures for Recruiting Tenure-Track Faculty (Word)  (PDF) - Last updated September 2016
  • EEO Designee List - Maintained by Faculty Affairs.  Call 278-3027 for assistance in finding an EEOD or Substitute.
  • Minority Serving Institutions (Excel) - Last updated June 2015
  • Instructions: Navigating The College Blue Book (PDF)
  • Standard Advertising - Posted by Faculty Affairs (PDF) - Last updated June 2016

 Creating and Posting the Vacancy Announcement

  • New Version of the Sample Vacancy (Word) 09/12/2018
  • New Version of edit fields of vacancy (Word) 09/12/2018
  • Background Check Questionnaire Form (PDF)
  • Authorized Committee Members Form (PDF) (for Lecturers and Unit 11 vacancy requests only)

Reviewing Applicant Information

On-Campus Visit and Applicant Nomination Forms

  • Candidate Evaluation Rubric (Excel) - Last updated June 2014
  • Sample Candidate Evaluation Spreadsheet (Excel) - Last updated March 2015
  • Reference Check Form (PDF
  • On-Campus Visit Form (PDF) - Last updated Oct 2019
  • Recruitment Summary Form (Word) - Last updated March 2015 
  • Department Nomination Form (PDF) - Last updated Oct 2018
  • Dean Nomination Form (PDF) - Last updated Nov 2014

Academic Policies Related to Searches