Faculty Affairs Forms

Forms used for Faculty Affairs processes sorted by Function.

Information regarding particular forms can be found at the page link to the right.


Additional Employment - On or Off-Campus

Assigned Time

Evaluation - Teaching Effectiveness

Evaluation - Retention, Tenure & Promotion

Evaluation - Temporary Faculty (Lecturers)

Lecturer 3 year - WORD

Lecturer Range Elevation (no form) Policy 332

Range Elevation Eligibility using FTAS Excel

Teaching Effectiveness - See Evaluation Teaching Effectiveness

Leaves - Sabbatical / DIP

Leaves without Pay and Medical

Recruiting - Tenure Track Faculty

Sample Vacancy - Link

Link to forms listed below

  • Candidate Evaluation Rubric
  • On-Campus Visit Form
  • Reference Check Form
  • Recruitment Summary
  • Department Nomination Form
  • Dean Nomination Form

Recruiting - Temporary Faculty

Link to Temporary Faculty - Lecturers Policies & Instructions

  • PageUp Job Announcement Template
  • Procedures for Hiring
  • Information for New Hire Faculty
  • Lecturer Nomination
  • Lecturer Assignment Review


Recruiting - U11/Academic Student Employees

Unit 11 Duties Form for TA, GA, and ISAs                        Template available in Adobe Sign

DocuSign process provided in OFA ToolKit

Procedures for Hiring


RTP - Full Review

Link to page with forms listed below

  • Access Log
  • Checklist
  • Table of Contents
  • Application
  • Inventory


Link to page with forms listed below

  • Off Year Review Guidelines
  • College Forms and Policies

Separation / Retirement

Sample Retirement Letter Word (updated April 2021)

Sample Retirement and FERP Letter Word (April 2021)

Sample Rescinding Retirement Letter Word

Department Form - Separation Notice Instructions and Form  (link to page)


16th Unit Form - template in Adobe Sign   

Additional Pay Request WebPage 

Lecturer Range Elevation Program - Calculate eligibility  Excel

Market-Based Increase Application  PDF

Music Studio

Substitute - Link to page


Forms for New Hires or Returning Employees, these forms are completed at a Payroll Intake Session for Faculty - Link to page

Teaching Associates / Graduate Assistants / Instructional Student Assistants

Unit 11 Duties Form for TA, GA, and ISAs                        Template available in Adobe Sign

Adove SIgn process provided in OFA ToolKit


Not to be used for overload or for current employees.  Link to page with information and forms.

*Forms under construction

**Forms not found within current website are in transition as templates in AdobeSign.