Faculty Affairs Forms

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Forms used for Faculty Affairs processes sorted by Function.

Function Name For use by File Page Link
Additional Pay Request Additional Pay - Overage.  State Funding   Excel Faculty Affairs
Additional Pay Full-Time Temporary Faculty Additional Unit to meet Entitlement (16th Unit) Department Excel Faculty Affairs
Leave Sabbatical & DIP Request*  Faculty PDF  
Leave Sabbatical & DIP Review Departments  PDF  
Leave *Promissory Note Faculty PDF  
Leave Request Without Pay-Professional Faculty PDF  
Leave Request - Personal Faculty PDF  
Pay / Salary Market Based Faculty PDF  
Recruiting Sample Vacancy Announcement    Word  
Recruiting Background Check Questionnaire   PDF  
Recruiting On-Campus Visit Form   PDF  Word  
Recruiting Reference Check Form   PDF  
Recruiting Department Nomination Form   PDF  
Recruiting Dean Nomination Form    PDF  
RTP Cover Page / Title Page for binder   Word  
RTP Access Log   PDF  Word  
RTP WPAF File Checklist   PDF  Word  
RTP Table of Contents   PDF  Word  
RTP RTP Application   PDF  
RTP Inventory Form   Word  
RTP  Retention Recommendation Form   PDF  
RTP Tenure and Promotion Recommendation Form   PDF  
RTP Promotion Only Recommendation Form   PDF  
Separation Separation Notice Form - use when a Temporary faculty member or ASE has resigned or will not be returning the next semester.   PDF  
Separation /Retirement Sample Retirement Letter


Separation /Retirement Sample Retirement and FERP Letter   Word  
Separation /Retirement Sample Letter Rescinding Retirement   Word