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Description of Change to Payroll Calendar for 2019/2020

During the 2019-2020 Academic Year, the Payroll calendar for Academic Year (AY) Faculty and Teaching Associates will change.  The first change to your paycheck will be in January 2020.  This change will improve campus processes, summer paychecks, and benefits. 

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Link to the letter for information about changes to paycheck and benefit months that impact you.

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 Questions Faculty may ask (FAQ)

Will my health benefits be impacted by the Payroll Calendar change?

Depends. Most faculty impacted will have a positive result.

If you are eligible for health benefits and are assigned the same number of WTU over the 2019/2020 Academic Year*, you will not be impacted - your health benefits continue from October through August. *This assumes the Academic Year was continuous without a break for a "settlement."

If you teach different WTU Fall / Spring . .

If you teach Fall only

If you teach Spring only

Will this impact my retirement?


Will my salary decrease?


How many WTU do I need to teach to be eligible for benefits?

 Academic Year Temporary Faculty are eligible with a full semester or longer appointment for 6 or more WTU.

Who is impacted by the Payroll Calendar change?

 See letter

How does the Payroll Calendar change impact my employment status?

 It won't.

Will I be sent (or was I sent) communications with additional details?


I FERP, what change will I see?


I am a Teaching Associate, am I included in this change, and if so, what will impact me?