About Faculty Affairs

Faculty Affairs Office Hours Fall 2020 - Zoom Meeting ID: 559 278 3027




Marsha L. Baum, Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs


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Faculty Affairs serves and advises faculty and administration on all matters relating to academic personnel.  This includes but is not limited to, appointment, reappointment, tenure, promotion, leaves, and grievances.  This office is designated to handle all matters related to Unit 3 (Faculty) and Unit 11 (Academic Student Employees).

 Marsha Baum



Mission Statement:  

The Office of Faculty Affairs is dedicated to providing consistent and effective support to the University, offering positive solutions whenever possible.


  • To be a point of contact for faculty personnel matters, establishing a high accuracy and resolution rate.
  • To empower and educate with self-service tools and solutions.
  • To honor, foster and support our diverse environment. 


  • To take ownership of challenges until resolved, responding quickly, accurately and positively to inquiries with a high level of service.
  • To increase clarity and reduce ambiguity with regard to policy and Collective Bargaining Agreement interpretation.
  • To establish and maintain positive, long-term relationships with our campus community through open communication and continuous feedback.