Scholarly Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CSALT )
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Diversity Related Research, Scholarship and Teaching

Faculty and their Areas of Research
Faculty Name Research Area
Prof. Bush, Jason
Biology Department
Breast Cancer Among African American Women
Prof. Garcia, Betty
Social Work Department
Standards for cultural competence in clinical practice; social work practice with Latinos; diversity teaching
Prof. Jendian, Matthew
Sociology Department
Armenian Culture
Profs. Krenz Eric and Krenz Vickie
Public Health Department
Tobacco use among under-served populations
Profs. Kotkin-Jaszi,Suzanne and Perez,Miguel A.
(with colleagues in the Dominican Republic)
Public Health Department
Behavioral risk factors among college students
Prof. Lin, Cui and Gao Yonshent
Computer Science Department
ATLAS experiment at Fresno State
Prof. Lowe, Mitzi
Social Work Department
GLBTQ curriculum development
Prof. Magdaleno, Keneth
Educational Research and Administration Department
Mentoring Latina/o students
Prof. Miltiades, Helen
Gerontology Program
Older Mexican American women; pet attachment for older Latinos
Profs. Moghaddam, Peyvandi, Ali and Wang, Jia
Management Department
Impacts of language barriers on students openness to diversity attitudes.
Prof. Scott Moore
Continuing & Global Education
Socioeconomic & Cultural disparities in Health Care and medical access
Prof. Nisbett, Nancy
Department of Recreation Administration
Inclusive recreation

Prof. Petrovich, Anne and Lowe, Mizti
Social Work Department
Cultural competence: Student and Alumni Perspectives
Prof. Salsgiver, Richard
Social Work Department
People with physical disabilities
Prof. Trueblood, Peggy
Physical Therapy Department
Implements fall prevention screenings to under-served older adults in the Central Valley through a grant from the California Wellness Foundation
Prof. Vungkhanching, Martha
Social Work Department
Diverse learning needs of students
Prof. Weston, Lisa
English Department
Same sex desire and lesbian texts in early medieval Europe
Prof. Fu, Xuanning
Sociology Department
Interracial marriage
Prof. Herrera, Cristina
Chicano and Latin American Studies Department
Contemporary Chicana/Latina literature, theory and criticism
Prof. España-Nájera, Annabella
Chicano and Latin American Studies Department
Voter Turnout in Latin America
Prof. Hansen, Kenneth
Political Science Department
American Indian Politics
Prof. Torres, Victor
Chicano and Latin American Studies Department
Los Danzantes de Aztlán
Prof. Fields, Jill
History Department
Fasion in world history; Jewish women
Prof. Kytle, Ethan
History Department
Slavery and abolition
Prof. Reese, De Anna
Africana/History Department
Gender and identity in African American culture and history
Prof. Skuban, William
History Department
Latin American international relations and cultural history
Prof. DenBeste, Michelle
History Department
Russian women's history; history of medicine
Prof. Owen, Barbara
History Department
Thai women in prison
Prof. Hammons, Amber
Child, Family and Consumer Sciences Department
Cultural influences on mealtime interaction and behaviors
Prof. Herzig, Lisa
Food Science and Nutrition Department
Obesity issues in impoverished communities; foods without borders; menopause
Prof. Gilbert, Jenelle
Kinesiology Department
NCAA Division II Coach's Use of and Desire for External Assistance at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.The Psychological Uniform: A Sport Psychology/Life Skills Program with Inner City High School Student-Athletes
Prof. McMillen, John and Mahoney, Michael
Kinesiology and Recreation Administration Department
Disability Access at the Super Bowl XLVI
Prof. McMillen, John
Kinesiology Department
Quality of Life and Wellness: The ADA's Impact on Venue Access for Aging and Older Adults
Prof. Coles, Michael
Kinesiology Department
Comparison of Air-Displacement Plethysmography, Hydrostatic weighing, and Skinfold Analysis for the estimation of Body Density in Female Cross Country Runners
Prof. Baldis, Mark
Kinesiology Department
Comparisons of Body Composition and Body Image in Racially Diverse Male and Female College Students
Prof. Lowe, Mitzi
Social Work Education Department
Culturally Competent Mentoring Practices with Incarcerated Youth
Prof. Lowe, Mitzi and Petrovich, Anne
Social Work Education Department
The Phenomenology of LGBT Older Adults: A Developmental and Social Justice Perspective
Prof. Lowe, Mitzi and Nesbitt, Nancy and Berrett, Bryan
Social Work Education, Recreation Administration, and Deaf Studies Department
A Collaborative and Culturally Competent Approach to Faculty Mentoring
Prof. Betty, Garcia
Social Work Education Department
Garcia, B., Lu, Y.E. & Maurer, K. (2012). Cultural empathy: Implications from social work
objective-structured clinical observation for field education. The Field Educator: A
Scholarly Journal from the Simmons College School of Social Work. Boston, MA.
Prof. Betty, Garcia
Social Work Education Department
Ortiz, L., Garcia, B. & Hernandez, S. (2012). Guest Editorial: Why it is important for social work
educators to oppose racist-based anti-immigration legislation. Journal of Social Work
Education, 48(2), 197-203.
Prof. Betty, Garcia
Social Work Education Department
Garcia, B. & Petrovich, A. (2011). Strengthening the DSM: Incorporating resilienceand cultural competence. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.
Prof. Betty, Garcia
Social Work Education Department
Lu, E., Chamorro, C., Chang, C., Feng, J., Fong, R., Garcia, B., & Hawkins, R., et. al.(2011). A new methodology for assessing social work practice: The adaptationof the Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (SW-OSCE). Social WorkEducation, 30(2), 170-185.
Prof. Betty, Garcia
Social Work Education Department
Garcia, B. (2011). Cultural competence with Latino Americans. In Lum, D. (Ed.),Culturally competent practice: A framework for understanding diverse groupsand justice issues. (4th ed.), pp. 302-332. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.
Prof. Whiting, Jason
Recreation Administration Department
Whiting, J.A., Larson, L. R., & Green, G. T. (2012). Monitoring visitation in Georgia state parks using the system for observing play and recreation in communities (SOPARC). Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 30(3), 21-37.
Prof. Nisbett, Nancy
Recreation Administration Department
Nisbett, N. & Gray, H. J. (2010). Leisure for all. In Dimensions of leisure for life: Individuals and Society (pp. 271-288). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Nisbett, N. (2010). Designing inclusive experiences. In Inclusive recreation: Programs and services for a diverse population (pp.159-174). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.
Prof. Hickey, Cheryl
Physical Therapy Department
Dr. Cheryl Hickey has been working in the area of language barriers in clinical practice and recently published the following article: Physical Therapists' Perceptions Regarding Language and Language-Related Barriers in Clinical Settings, in Physical Therapy Journal of Policy, Administration, and Leadership and was published in the 3rd volume (quarterly publication) 2012.
Prof. Lentell, Gary
Physical Therapy Department
Dr. Gary Lentell's Robinson Elementary project is an ongoing project working with K-6th graders to improve physical wellness and manage childhood obesity at Robinson Elementary School in Fresno, California. The Robinson neighborhood is a diverse population of school aged children across the socio-economic spectrum. This past year Dr. Lentell received $10,000 from the California Endowment Foundation in support of this project.
Prof. Trueblood, Peggy
Physical Therapy Department
Dr. Peggy Trueblood has been working in the area of fall prevention for the last 15 years with emphasis on the low socioeconomic, underserved older adult population with multiple ethnic groups including Hispanic and Hmong. The California Wellness Foundation has provided $300,000 within the last 5 years to support these efforts.
Prof. Pérez,Miguel A.
Department of Public Health
Pérez, M.A., & Luquis, R. (2012). Getting to know US Latinos: A step toward cultural competence. Californian Journal of Health Promotion.
Prof. Pizon-Perez, Helda
Department of Public Health
Pinzon-Perez, H.,Alonso, L., & Fajardo, E. (2012).Complementary and Alternative Medicine:A New Professional Arena for Clinical Nurse Specialists and Health Educators.Revista Cientifica Salud Uninorte, 28(1): 162-170.Available online at Reviewed.
Prof. Pizon-Perez, Helda
Department of Public Health
Miller, Sylvia& Pinzon-Perez, H. (2011).Nursing’s Role in Advance Care Planning for Hispanic / Latino Individuals.Revista CientificaSalud Uninorte, 27(1).Available online at Reviewed.
Prof. Wielicki, Tomasz
Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Dr. Tomasz Wielicki has conducted extensive research on the Business Digital Divide. The research is important for economic development in less developed economies and areas of minority concentration in developed economies. The term Digital Divide refers to the economic inequality between those who have and don't have information and communications technology whether it be infrastructure, knowledge, access, training or use.
Prof. Jill Bradley Geist
Department of Management
Dr. Jill Bradley Geist was co-author on the article, "Showcasting and subjugating minorities and women: Assignment to visible but trivial committees" published in theJournal of PsychologicalIssues in Organizational Culture (2011).
Prof. James Schmidtke
Department of Management
Dr. James Schmidtke co-authored the article "Theoretical Traditions and the Modeling of Sexual Harassment within Organizations: The Military as Data."Armed Forces &Society, 36, 193-222. (2010).Jim also co-authored The effects of specific diversity training on general multicultural attitudes, Multicultural Education and Technology Journal, 2(2), 87-106, 2008.
Prof. Moghaddam, John and Wong, Jia and Peyvandi Ali
Department of Management and Department of Accountancy
Drs. Moghaddam, Wong, and Peyvandico-authored “Impacts of language barriers on students’ openness to diversity attitude”, International Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 2 (6), 52-58, 2011.
Singh, Dulawar Risk factors for Cardiovascular Disease in the Punjabi population in Fresno.
Long, Soathevy Quality of Life among Caregivers of children with speech challenges.
Martinez, Audrey Educational needs of caregivers of children with Asthma in the Central Valley.
Rothford, Tara Risk factors associated with teenage pregnancy in the Central Valley.