Virtual 45th Chicano/Latino Commencement Celebration 2021:Important Dates                          

Graduation Cap



April 7, 2021 — NEW REGISTRATION DATE! The 45th Chicano/Latino Commencement Celebration is NOW OPEN for registration. Go to the "Registration Instructions" tab.

Regardless if you purchase a CLCC Sash/Medallion GradPack, ALL students must follow registration process. It is through this process that we collect information that will be included in the virtual event (your name, your parents’ name and if purchasing the optional sash/medallion GradPack, select heritage). A second sash will not be available for purchase at this time.


MAY 1, 2021- Registration and Purchase of the CLCC Sash/Medallion GradPack must be completed by this deadline. Registration will close after this date. 

Note: After MAY 1 you will receive an email from getinvolved@csufresno.edu with instructions on how to log into the website where you can edit your name (Before MAY6), create a message for your slide, and upload your picture. You cannot forward this email to others. ONLY those included in the database will be able to log in.


Students will be able to pick-up their CLCC Sash/Medallion GradPack April 26-30, May TBA. Information regarding this pick up will be sent to your Fresno State email address.To pick up the CLCC Sash/Medallion GradPack the following is required:

Fresno State Student ID
Proof of payment 

NOTE: You CANNOT pick-up a sash/medal for someone else