Here is a link to the Henry Madden Library's copyright page. Learn the definition of Copyright, what Creative Commons is, and what faculty need to know if they want to use other's work in their course - and much more.

10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained. This essay highlights copyright myths - it assumes you know at least what copyright is.

Copyright and Fair Use. This site from Stanford University presents specfic copyright infringement cases. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for links to Copyright Guides.

TEACH Act. The Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act (TEACH) was signed into law in 2002. The purpose of this act was to update copyright law in the area of digital education. The goal of the TEACH Act gives instructors at accredited, nonprofit educational institutions additional options for using copyrighted materials in the online environment. In addition, correctly applying the "fair use" provision of the copyright law remains an invaluable tool in using the work of others in the online environment legally and confidently. The TEACH Act provides useful "rules of thumb" for when instructors should get permission to use materials they did not create.

U.S. Copyright Office. Questions and Answers on Copyright for the Campus Community. Reproduction of copyrighted material without prior permission of the copyright owner is an issue of concern for the academic community. This guide was developed to help campuses understand and conform to the requirements of U.S. copyright law.