Faculty Spotlight!

Shahab Tayeb, Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Tayeb

Dr. Shahab Tayeb, teaches engineering computations (ECE 71) and digital logic design (ECE 85). As a proud first-generation college graduate himself, he believes in changing lives through his teaching and he strives to make an impact in the community. He is confident that he will contribute to increasing the graduation and retention rates at Fresno State through his commitment to delivering a world-class education. He was recently an invited speaker for the Technology, Innovations, and Pedagogy (TIP) Conference themed “All Things Canvas”, where he delivered a talk discussing several strategies to promote student success using built-in functionalities of Canvas. The talk investigated activities that facilitate student-student and student-instructor interactions and analyzed the impact of such activities on student success in bottleneck engineering courses.

During his first year at Fresno State, Dr. Tayeb initiated the ECE Bulldog Hackathon where electrical and computer engineering undergraduate students work in teams to design, build, and test their hardware and software projects. He is also designing a new course on Cloud and Cybersecurity to train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals here at Fresno State.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Dr. Tayeb’s research expertise and interests include Embedded Networking and Cybersecurity, particularly in the contexts of the Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems. He specializes in investigating attack mitigation techniques to safeguard connected devices and networks. He is currently working on applying data science techniques, particularly deep learning, to tackle the detection of zero-day attacks. He has also been part of multiple research projects on workforce development and professional development of K-12 teachers. He has authored/co-authored 20+ refereed research papers over the past three years and his research findings have been highlighted by the National Science Foundation. He has also been the recipient of several scholarships and awards including a US Congressional Commendation for STEM mentorship and a Graduate College medallion.

Dr. Tayeb has participated in a number of professional development opportunities, initiatives, certificate programs, and workshops offered by the Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) and he regularly consults with the instructional designers there.