Faculty Spotlight!

Patrick S. De Walt, Assistant Professor
Liberal Studies

Patrick DewaltI am a proud first generation college graduate who grew to learn the value of education and the possibilities it affords. In my prior educational role, as a first grade teacher in Houston, Texas, I found so much joy and excitement in seeing how young minds worked as they developed an understanding of the content taught.

Here at Fresno State, I find that same level of enjoyment when our students rise to the occasion in my classroom. Whether that occurs in the form of developing more of their voice, (intellectual) identity, and/or self-confidence as a learner. More importantly, I see the significance of my students who seek to become future educators here in the Central Valley and beyond; because they will be the change agents and leaders for years to come.

We have some amazing students here at Fresno State and I feel it is my obligation to offer them my best as a curriculum designer and faculty member.

Educational background:

  • Bachelor of Science, Prairie View A&M University
  • Master of Education, University of Houston
  • Master of Business Administration, University of Houston-Victoria
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Education), University of Colorado-Boulder
  • Honorary Doctor of Philosophy (Ethnic Studies), University of Colorado-Boulder
  • Certified Teacher Education through 2021 (State of Texas): Elementary Biology Grades 1-8 & Elementary Self-Contained Grades 1-8

Research Interest:

  • Teacher Education
  • Africana Studies, particularly centered on identity and education
  • Curriculum Development and Integration of Technology
  • Social Theory

Patience is a key aspect of both teaching and learning. Patience can be kind and/or painful. It is kind when our patience pays off with the successes of our students in or outside of our classrooms. It can be painful when we see so much promise in our students or ourselves, yet it remains unachieved. I can recall many times that my younger self was the latter.

The entire CFE staff has been an invaluable resource to me as I have sought to challenge both myself and my students through my implementation of different forms of technology, which includes my use of Blackboard, Flipgrid, and iClicker REEF. My use of each of these applications has been enhanced by the feedback from staff here at CFE. While I could acknowledge the staff from Ms. Bennett, Ms. Blake, and others, I really want to thank all of the student staff (James, Ashley, Abbey, and Scott) that answer my phone calls and frequent visits. Those moments have been very beneficial to me and hopefully my students as well.