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Timeline for Blackboard Courses
(Automated and Manual Processes)

Course Creation

Six weeks before instruction begins Blackboard course shells are automatically created for all courses. Course creation ENDS after census date and then becomes a manual process per request. Courses are created as 'unavailable' and it is the instructor’s responsibility to make the course available for student access.

Instructor Assignment

Instructor assignments are automatically generated through PeopleSoft. This process starts 6 weeks before instruction begins and ends after census date.

Student Enrollments

Two weeks before instruction begins, students who have a Fresno State email account are automatically enrolled in Blackboard courses. This process takes place on a daily basis and ENDS after census date and then becomes a manual process per request. Instructors may enroll students any time before or after census date. However, students added manually by the instructor who then drop the course will need to be manually dropped as well.

Student Un-enrollments

Rosters are automatically pulled from PeopleSoft (my Fresno State) into Blackboard courses until census day. Students who drop courses will be made unavailable in Blackboard one week after census day. For this reason, rosters in PeopleSoft and Blackboard may be different. The official roster is in PeopleSoft.

If an instructor removes a student from a Blackboard roster but they are still officially enrolled in PeopleSoft they will show up in your class the next time the rosters are updated. It is our recommendation that students be made ‘unavailable’ instead of removing them.

To do this, log into and select your course. Click Users and Groups > Users > find the student. Using the pull-down next to their name, select ‘Change User’s Availability in Course’ > change ‘Available (this course only)’ to ‘No’ > Submit.

User Account Creation/Update

FACULTY accounts are automatically created along with their email account and class assignment.

STUDENT accounts are automatically created after they activate their Fresno State email by logging into their email account and once they officially enroll in a course using Blackboard.

Combining Courses on Blackboard

This process starts 2 weeks before instruction begins and ends after the first week of instruction. This is a permanent process that cannot be reversed. In order to combine courses, instructors must complete and sign a Combine Course Request Form.

Course Availability

It is the responsibility of the instructor to make courses available for student access. Control Panel > Customization > Properties > Make Course Available > Yes > Submit

Courses from the previous semester will be made unavailable two weeks before the next semester begins.

Instructor must make courses available each semester for student access

*census date: the last day to ADD CLASS with PERMISSION. Please refer to the current acadamic calendar.