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Blackboard 9.1 Known Issues

If you are having technical problems in Blackboard, check this list to see if there is a way to resolve your problem.

General - Text Editor - Announcements - Course Content Areas - Grade Center - Assessments - Linking to External Websites - Collaboration Tools - Assignments - Tests - Groups

Blackboard 9.1 Known Issues and Work Arounds

Area Issue Resolution/Work Around
Turnitin Instructors may not be able to view submissions, including Originality Reports.
  1. Click on Turnitin Assignments in the Course Tools area of the Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Assignment.
  3. Click on Edit the Assignment Settings.
  4. Click the Submit button. This will re-synch the Assignment with the column in the Grade Center.
General Users are unable to upload multiple file or access certain types of content. This issue is due to the security settings in Java on your computer. Use the single file upload option. To use the multiple file upload option you will need to modify the Java Console settings on your computer by setting the Security Setting to Medium and then clearing the cache on your browser.
General Users receive an error when uploading files into Blackboard. Blackboard does not fully support the use of special characters in file names. When naming files to be uploaded into Blackboard, do not include any special characters (#,%,& or spaces.) Only use letters, numbers, and underscores. All files must also have the correct extension.
Text Editor Copy and Paste in Text Editor may not work as expected. If using Firefox you can copy and paste using the HTML mode in the text editor. All other supported browsers should work as expected although you may have to copy and paste from notepad.
Text Editor There is a reported issue with the Equation Editor Contact TILT support (
Grade Center Extra credit grades are not calculating in the Grade Center when using a several extra credit columns with a custom-built Total column. There are several ways to calculate Extra Credit in the Blackboard Grade Center. Download the PDF file of Workaround for Extra Credit Grade Issue.
Grade Center Deleted Assignments or Discussion Forums Cannot Be Removed from Grade Center. Some instructors may experience that they cannot remove/delete grade columns from the Grade Center after they remove associated assignments or discussion forums. The good news is that you can still make certain grade columns not to be included in the calculation and hide them from the Grade Center.* Blackboard is aware of the problem and working on the issue.
Grade Center Inline grading does not accept letter grades. You will need to input the associated point value when you are grading. The column will display a letter grade.
Assessments The student is kicked out of an assessment (quiz or exam). In many cases, the java session has been terminated due to inactivity so the submission is unsuccessful.

HOW CAN I PREVENT THIS: There are several things you can do to combat this issue. 1. Give the assessment one question at a time. This ensures that the user's java session is continuously updated and the likelihood of the user getting kicked out is reduced. 2. Do notselect the "Force Complete" option. Without this option selected, users are able to re-enter the exam from the last point that they saved an answer if they should get kicked out. In some cases, selecting the Force Complete option may actually increase the likelihood of students getting kicked out of a test.
Assessments Instructors trying to submit assessment attempts left in progress by students are getting an error message when using the 'Submit Attempt' button from the Grade Attempts and Test Information area. Instructors can Manually Override the grade but students will not be able to see the results of the assessment until the student actually hits the Submit button. Instructors can Manually Override the grade from the Grade Details area. In order for students to see their results the instructor will need to allow the student to re-enter the test and click the Submit button.
Assessments When a student takes a timed test that is set to Auto Submit, the test will be labeled as "In Progress" if the student exits the exam without submitting it and the timer expires. Instructors will need to view the attempt through the Grade Center access the Test Information and either clear or submit the attempt.
Linking to External Websites When a user clicks on a link to a webpage to be displayed in Blackboard, the user sees a frame with a message above it stating 'The content below is outside the Blackboard Learn environment'.  To avoid this message, it is recommended that you set external links to 'Open in a New Window' in the 'Options' area when creating or editing the links.
Collaboration Users may not have the ability to copy and paste text into a chat session. By clicking the Compose icon you will have the ability to copy and paste before hitting Send. To completely avoid this issue you will need to un-install the most recent version of Java and install this version of Java(
Bb Collaborate Participants may not see link to an active session The security settings for Java may be set too high. Go into Java security settings and change to Medium.
Assignments When students copy and paste text from Word into a comment area in an assignment they receive an error message. Students should copy and paste from Notepad or type directly into the comment area.
Tests Tests with due dates that are inside an unavailable folder are accessible from the Calendar tool If using Due Dates on a test, do not set test to be available until the folder is turned on.
Groups Linking "Self-Enroll" Groups to a content area does not work and gives an error message. Add the Groups tool to the Course Menu and have students access the Groups from there. Students should also be able to access the Groups from the Tools area as well.
Library Link Generator (Smart Citation) Tool is not working. In order for the tool to work, pop- up blockers will need to be disabled since the Smart Citation tool opens in a new window. It also may take some extra time for the tool to load properly.
Announcements Announcements with images do not display in Email.  Make sure to include instructions outside of the image, or direct students to check Blackboard to view the image.