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Contact Information

Exec Sponsor, Dennis Nef, Associate Provost and Interim Senior Academic Technology Officer

Chair, Exec Sponsor, Janice Brown, Director of Services for Students with Disabilities


Instructional Materials:


Kevin Ayotte, Chair of Academic Senate 

Rima Maldonado, Alternate Media Services Coordinator, Services for Students with Disabilities


Chair:Tom Siechert, ATI Procurement Program Manager, Procurement and Support Services (Section 508 compliance)

Web Accessibility;

Chair: Renaldo Gjoshe, Henry Madden Library

 Ad-Hoc Committee on Communications:

Chair: Open

Full ATI Membership:

 Web Accessibility Subcommittee (Web)

Trembley, Stephen - Director/IT for Athletics/Athletics

Williams, Marvin - Assistive Technology Coordinator/SSD

Plattner, Mark -  Staff/Auxiliary Services

Harding, Michael -  Staff/Informational Technology

Student Representative - TBD

Instructional Materials Subcommittee (IM)

Botwin, Mike -  Faculty/Psychology

Guthier, Scott (Dusty) - Book Department Manager/ Kennel Bookstore

Parkinson, Curt - Interim Director/Kennel Bookstore

Garvin, Terry - Accessability & Media Specialist/TILT

Bennett, Mary - TILT

Sailor, Scott - Professor/CSALT

Schreiber, Fred -  Faculty/Chair/Biology/Academic Planning and Policy Committee

Vang,Vang - Faculty/Library

Open - Student Representative

Procurement Subcommittee

Auernheimer, Brent - Senior Advisor for Academic Technology Digital

Cotham, Brian -  Director/Procurement and Support Services

Open - Director/Auxiliary Services

Powell, Lynne - Information Technology Consultant/IT

Williams, Marvin - Assistive Technology Coordinator/SSD

Communications NEW! Ad-Hoc Subcomittee

Brown, Janice - Director, Services for Students with Disabilities

Corey, Kirsten - HR/ADA Coord.

Viera, Chris - Director/TILT/CSALT/ and Faculty/Management

General Membership

Michaels, Jim - Director, Technical Services

TBD - Student/ATI Adm. Support