Melissa Jordine

History 140 - The Holocaust

Textbook: The Holocaust: Roots, History and Aftermath by David Crowe ($34 used, $48 new)

Required Materials:

     Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland ($12 used, $16 new)

     The Holocaust by Bullets ($12 used, $17 new)

Cost per students:  $58 to $81


AL$ implementation

Eliminated the textbook & replaced it with readings posted on Bb plus two background lectures.

The two remaining books: Allowed students to use older/used editions, and/or kindle editions

     Ordinary Men  ($3 used/older editions, $9 kindle)

     The Holocaust by Bullets ($8 used/older editions, $8 kindle)

Cost per students:  $11 to $17

Savings per students: $47 to $64



Note: prices are taken from amazon and/or university student bookstore