Note:Use 'table-3x3' snippet to insert a responsive table.

If added manually, the table requires class="responsive",  'thead' with 'th' tags, and tbody tags in order to function correctly on mobile devices.

Below is the example of the Table snippet (it is not a data table).

Name Department ID
John Doe Advancement 123456
Jane Doe Technology Services 456451
Kelly Technology Services 3232

Name Department
John Doe Advancement
Jane Doe Technology Services
Kelly Technology Services

How to change the width of column to align tables

As you see that table columns are not aligned on the example below:

 Instruction for setting width for column

Step 1

Right click on the header of the table (in this example, its COMMITTEE/SUBCOMMITTEE), then Cell and click on Table cell properties.

Instruction step 1 for setting width for column

Step 2

On this screen, You will enter the width (in percentage). In this example, I set it as 90%

Note: When you are making this change, make sure you set the scope to "column".

Instruction step 2 for setting width for column

Step 3

I do the same thing on the 2nd column. Repeat step 1

Instruction step 3 for setting width for column

Step 4

Since we used 90% on the 1st column, we will set the 2nd column as 10% since whole width cant go over 100%.

Instruction step 4 for setting width for column


You will see all tables/columns are aligned perfectly.

result after changing width