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TeamDynamix – Managing our support to better serve you.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now. (W. H. Murray) 

What a great roll out!!

With the highly successful roll-out of our new Ticketing system, TeamDynamix or TDX for short, the Technology Services team is meeting our goals of higher levels of customer service, end-user satisfaction, accessible end-user self-help and higher levels of transparency.

The system is fluid and we will continue to implement changes consistent with our User-Focused, Service Driven support methodology and workflow that puts you, our end-users, first.

Please visit the Technology Services Support Page linked here.

Below, you will find more detailed information regarding the new ticketing system roll out; why we did it, what is involved and the goals of the new system implementation.

We hope you find these changes to our support culture and approach improvement to the technical support we provide the campus community.


TeamDynamix Rollout FAQ

  • What have we done?
  • We have now replaced our old ticketing system Cherwell with TeamDynamix
  • With this change we have/are addressing our Priority 5, Goal 3, in accordance with our TS strategic plan:
  • TDX has enabled Technology Services to better foster campus partnerships emphasizing a commitment to helpful and proactive service, transparency, responsiveness, and continuous improvement 
  • Why did we do it?
  • To improve our service delivery and customer service
  • To communicate clearly the types of tools and services offered to the campus community
  • To create and publish a comprehensive service catalog listing all the services offered and how to request or receive services
  • To organize our list of services in a more intuitive and informative way
  • To empower users to be more self-sufficient


  • New features include:
  • Service pages that provide information about each Service
  • Customized forms to collect service-specific information
  • Requests are assigned directly to the technicians responsible for providing services
  • Enhanced reporting and analysis capability
  • Self-service capability
  • Improved user interface
  • Ability to initiate a service request
  • Ability to check on the status of your service request
  • Knowledgebase (KB Articles) relating to IT Services
  • Powerful search functionality 


  • Next Steps:
  • Expand our self-service knowledgebase
  • Continue to expand the service offerings to better support you
  • Publish support metrics for better transparency
  • Training of Technology Service staff

Highlights of TeamDynamix Service Management

    • Ticketing/Incident Tracking
    • Configurable Workflow
    • Change Management
    • Asset Configuration
    • Service Catalog/Knowledge Base
    • Release Control
    • Student/Faculty Portal
    • Integrated Remote Access

    Our new client portal contains our growing Service Catalog, which describes the services we offer and the ability to request those services online. The service catalog has transformed the way from a technology-oriented organization into a service-oriented organization and enables the organizational focus to shift from technology components to services that facilitate university outcomes.

Building a solid foundation based on ITIL standards

Our ongoing goal is to improve our service delivery following best practices that include the following:

  • Categorize incidents and service requests by differentiating one from the other
  • Establish clear criteria for triaging incoming requests to determine their urgency, set reasonable resolution targets and determine appropriate escalation protocols
  • Provide outstanding customer service by promoting a culture of courteous service, which fosters better relationships and congruent expectations
  • Hold IT accountable by using data to guide improvement strategies, spending time on projects rather than fighting fires, and fulfilling more service requests than incidents