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Installing Google Mail & Calendar for Android

Installing Google Mail & Calendar for iOS 

Sending Messages to an Established Listserv

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Instructional Transcripts

Google Guides within your Department


    Terry Wilson

    Veronica Arroyo

    Lolita Araim

Admissions and Records

    Maiku Vang

Advancement Services

    Frank Johnson

    Katelyn Spencer

Aerospace Studies

    Jahnava Adams

Art & Design

    Rhonda Velasquez

Arts & Humanities

    Catherine Salanitro

    Felicia Salcido

    Lisa Boyles

    Marion Bankston


    Nicole Lane

    Sara Pena

    Amanda Chamberlain

    Mark Plattner

    Kent Cruz

    Brad Sorensen

AVP for Enrollment

    Dolly Huitron

Central Valley Health Policy Institute

    Diahann Gutierrez

    Magdalena Flores

Counselor Education and Rehabilitation (CER)

    April Cardiel

College of Health and Human Services (CHHS)

    Shimel Saychou

College Assistance Migrant Program

    Martin Luna

College of Science & Math

    Tiffany Pawlowski

Communicative Science and Deaf Studies

    Kathryn Barajas

    Alexandria Gonzales

Construction Management

    Wei Wu

Continuing & Global Education

    Monica Acosta

Craig School of Business -  Advising Center

    Robin Harper

Craig School of Business - Advancement

    Lauren Butler


    Angelica Miramontes

Cross Cultural & Gender Center

    Vicki Taylor

Department of Social Work Education

    Chris Cole


    John Hung


    David Haridison

Equestrain Unit

    Sue Chapman


    Rick Finden

    Hope Hardwick

    Mehran Zarrinehteram

Finance and Business Law

    Ida Jones

    Deborah Hart

Financial Aid

    Sabas Martinez Jr.

    Isela Reza-Rogers

Health Center

    Ed Romero

Henry Madden Library

    Arnel Ordonio

    Raymond Pun

Human Resources

    Tess Guthrie


    Kunyi Cheng


    Jesus Canelon


    Andrea Perez

Learning Center

    Monica Quintero

Lyles Center

    Shannon Sill


    Jenna Tague

Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures

    Laura Gribben

Music Department

    Jose ElaGarza


    Nisha Nair

Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE)

    Marie Fernandez

Org Excellence

    Debra Penner


    Terry Wiinant


    Harinder Bawa

Plant Operations

    Peter Serrato

    Hope Hardwick

    Mehran Zarrinehteram


    Tom Siechert

Public Safety

    Marcy Gatzman

    Amy Luna

    Chris Catalano

Services for Students with Disabilities

    Veronica Aguilar

    Robert Salinas


    Tim Cupery

Student Health and Counseling Center

    Sherri Ochoa

    Melissa Norris

Student Support Services

    Faith Perez


    Renee Cromer

Technology Services

Rob Bartch

Kyle Breckheimer

Herbert Denny

Nick Petitti

Chip Hancock

Robert Chase

Garrett Crivelli

Robert Escamilla

Peter Fortuna

Kris Ratliff

Tim Vue

Daniel Nguyen

Greg Chapman

Bryan Alvarado

Larry Barnes 

Chris Cruz

David Gaines

Glen Hunt

Kong Lee

Boon Mo

Manuel Serrano

Jeff Solano

Llarehn Wint

Brian Beamer

John Bopp 

Ty Cilluffo

Kelly O'Boylan

Eileen Schlundt

Valerie Kessler

Jarvis Vang

Pawn Sayphengsy


Theatre Arts

    Anthony Cody

University Academic Center

    James Bledsoe

University Advising Center

    Ashley Fagundes


    Kris Westcott