Google Migration FAQs

What will be migrated?

  • Mail - All Zimbra email will be migrated to Gmail.
  • Calendar- 7 years of your historical calendar events, and all future events will be migrated. Calendar events will not show up all at once. January 1, 2015 to present day will populate first, followed by older events.
  • Contacts - All personal contacts stored in Zimbra will be migrated. This will include Contact Groups.
  • Global Address List - A global address list has been successfully implemented and will be available to all staff, faculty and administrator accounts on March 27, 2017.

 What will not be migrated?

  • Trash – Your Zimbra trash will not be migrating over to Gmail.

Will BOX still be available for use? Yes. There are no plans to retire BOX at this time.

How do I install Google Mail and Calender on my phone? Visit our Google Training Resources page here to learn how.

How do I send a message to an already established listserv? Make sure to send listserv messages from the same email address that is registered with the listserv. In most cases that will be your email address. This allows the listserv to recognize you as an authorized sender. If you would prefer to send from your address, please notify the listserv owner of the email address change.