IT Liaisons

An IT Liaison is the on-site presence to provide a response to service requests within a College, School or Division for those matters where the Help Desk cannot directly provide support. An IT Liaison is available to faculty, staff and students in the College, School or Division to provide first contact resolution, on-site consultation, and coordinate the response of central IT resources for service requests within a College, School or Division. IT Liaisons seek to deliver IT services in a manner that is aligned with the priorities and practices of the central IT and the College, School or Division.

College or Division IT Liaison / Contact Phone Submit Ticket
Academic Affairs Offices Eileen Schlundt 85000 Help Center
Admin Services Brian Beamer 85000 Help Center
Advancement Eileen Schlundt 85000 Help Center
Agriculture Llarehn Wint 85000 Help Center
Arts Humanities David Gaines 87066 Help Center
Athletics John Bopp 85000 Help Center
Auxiliary Corporations MIS HelpDesk 80820
Business Jeff Solano 85000 Help Center
Continuing and Global Education Manuel Serrano 80380
Education Manuel Serrano 80380
Engineering Larry Barnes 85000 Help Center
Health Center Kelly O'Boylan 86721 Help Center
Health and Human Services Glen Hunt 84202 Please call 84202
Library Kong Lee 85000 Help Center
Science and Math Jeff Colvin 85000 Help Center
Social Sciences Christopher Cruz 85000 Help Center
Student Affairs Boon Mo 85000 Help Center
University High School Desktop Support 85000 Help Center