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"Healthy Relationships"

College students generally need guidance when it comes to romance and how relationships fit into college life. For many students, this is the first time they are exploring romantic relationships without parental oversight.

This 45-minute interactive program offered through the Women’s Resource Center helps them discover healthy and unhealthy characteristics of those relationships.

Topics include: qualities of a healthy relationship, red flags for
abusive relationships, consent, and resources for students.


This 30 minute presentation specifically addresses consent relating to romantic and sexual relationships, and is a great follow-up to the online HAVEN training that all Fresno State students have been required to complete. We will discuss real life situations where consent is mandatory, and the potential consequences for missing this critical step.

Bringing this presentation to your students allows them to ask specific questions, and address any concerns they may have about consent or the new Yes Means Yes law. 

"Center for Women and Culture Services"

Did you know that the Center offers peer counseling, weekly discussion groups, volunteer opportunities, as well as a safe, casual, comfortable environment to hang out in? This short presentation will only take about 5 minutes of class time and let's students learn about the opportunities and space available at the Center.

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