Veterans Council

Mission Statement

The Fresno State Veterans Council serves the University, its Veterans and their Dependents, and community in order to facilitate the support, education and empowerment of students, faculty and staff for their success.


I.  Purpose

To provide the University with a combined Faculty, Staff & Student Council that leads, oversees and collaborates all Veteran services and support operations associated with Fresno State Veterans and their Dependents.

II.  Key Tasks

    1. Maximize success through effective teamwork and collaboration.
    2. Enhance all support and services through continuous and candid assessment.
    3. Find efficiencies in support and services throughout the University to maximize resources.
    4. Communicate effectively and through all forms of media.
    5. Develop and implement well-integrated plans & events that make strategic impact to our Veteran Students, their Dependents, Faculty, Staff, University and community.

III.  End State

Fresno State, its Veterans Council, and all Veterans & their Dependents of the University attain and provide the most optimal Veteran support and service possible that fosters student success and degree completion.  Fresno State continues its reputation as a Veteran Friendly University and remains bold in its pursuit of discovery, diversity and distinction in its service to the Veterans and their Dependents of our United States Armed Forces.  

Time Line of Projects and Events

Time Line of Project and Events

Organizational Chart

Org Chart

Spring 2017 Meeting Agendas

February 9, 2017 Agenda 

Spring 2017 Meeting Notes