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Omega Delta Sigma


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Omega Delta Sigma was founded at California State University, Fresno on January 7, 2011, as a way for veterans to come together, share experiences, and meet other veterans. Omega Delta Sigma have three well defined goals:

  1. To facilitate the rough transition from military life to collegiate life for servicemen, and to provide a network of contacts for him.
  2. Provide support within the fraternity by assisting each other with collegiate, personal, and / or financial difficulties.
  3. Offer services to those who bravely sacrificed their body and life so that we may live free.

Student Veterans of America


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The primary goal of the Student Veterans Organization (SVO) is to facilitate academic success through mentorship of veterans and provide support when needed. The SVO is dedicated to promoting camaraderie through social events, encouraging discussion of ways to grow and better the organization and creating a positive image at Fresno State.