Stalking Stalking Statistics

As with other sexual victimizations, four in five victims knew their stalkers. Of the stalkers who were knows, they were most often the following:

  • Boyfriend or Ex-Boyfriend (42.5%)
  • Classmate (24.5%)
  • Acquaintance (10.3%)
  • Friend (5.6%)
  • Co-Worker (5.6%)

Stalking incidents lasted an average of 60 days. About 30% of the female students were stalked only off campus, the remaining victims were stalked either only on campus or both on and off campus. The most common forms of stalking behaviors reported by victims were:

  • Being Telephoned (77.7%)
  • Having an Offender Waiting Outside or Inside Places (47.9%)
  • Being Watched from Afar (44.0%)
  • Being Followed (42.0%)
  • Being Sent Letters (30.7%)
  • Being E-Mailed (24.7%)

Although some victims reported being physically injured, the most common consequence was psychological: Almost 3 in 10 women said they were "injured emotionally or psychologically" from being stalked. In 15.3% of incidents, victims reported that the stalker either threatened or attempted to harm them. In 10.3% of incidents, the victim reported that the stalker "forced or attempted sexual contact".

{Source: The Sexual Victimization of College Women, U.S. Department of Justice, December 2000
Bureau of Justice Statistics, 810 Seventh Street N.W. Washington, DC 20531}