Stalking Safety Checklist

While a victim may not be in immediate danger, she/he needs to assess the probability of impending danger. If a stalking victim determines that she/he is at risk for being in a potentially harmful or violent situation, the following options may be considered:


  • Add alarm system to home or apartment.
  • Trim bushes and trees around residence to eliminate or reduce hiding places.
  • Place security pins in windows and sliding glass doors.
  • Install bars across the center of sliding glass doors.
  • Make sure deadbolts are secured with screws at least two inches long.
  • Attach motion-sensor lights to outside of residence.
  • Keep important documents in a secure area.
  • Keep an "escape" bag with necessary daily items at the home of a trusted friend.
  • Consider getting a dog.


  • Look inside and underneath car before entering.
  • Vary the routes you take to places of frequent travel.
  • Drive with your doors locked at all times.
  • Always leave enough space between you and the car in front of you to quickly change lanes.
  • If the stalker somehow gets inside the car with you, avoid driving anywhere. If possible, throw the keys as far away as you can.


  • Make sure all of your co-workers are aware of the stalking.
  • If possible, vary your work schedule.
  • Have someone else record your voicemail message, so that it is not your own voice.
  • Get an escort to and from your car.
  • If possible, eliminate times you are working by yourself.
  • Instruct all persons at your work place to refuse to disclose any information about you to a third party.
  • Ask your co-workers not to communicate with the stalker.

{Source: Stalking, A Handbook for Victims, Emily Spence-Diehl}