VPP Services Presentations

Violence Prevention Project Peer Educators are trained volunteers and staff who provide classroom presentations on what constitutes healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Classroom Presentations Include:

    • Powerpoint Presentations
    • Group Discussion
Classroom Presentation
  • Questions and Answers
  • Informational Handouts
  • Additional Resources

Topics Covered in Presentations:

    • Definition of Healthy Relationships
    • Definitions of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Stalking
    • Definition of Violence
    • Power and Control Wheel
    • Cycle of Violence
Classroom Presentation
  • Statistics
  • What is an Unhealthy Relationship?
  • Equality Wheel
  • Cycle of Respect
  • Signs of a Healthy Partner
  • Dating Bill of Rights
  • Safety Planning
  • Why the Battered Person Stays
  • How to Help the Survivor of Sexual Assault
  • What Men Can Do to Prevent Gender Violence

If you are interested in having a presentation done for your class or organization, please contact the Violence Prevention Project at 278-5696 or fill out the Presentation Request Form.

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Educator with the project, please give us a call at (559)278-5696 or drop by and see us.