How to Get Help

If think you might be in an abusive relationship:

No one deserves to be hit or abused in any way!

1.     Get to a safe place

2.     Call the police

  • Dial 911 or if on-campus call University Police at 278-8400.
  • Whether to report or not is your choice, but the police decide whether or not to arrest.

3.     Get medical attention as soon as possible

  • If you have been physically or sexually assaulted (see sexual assault for necessary medical procedures), get medical attention.
  • You can go to the University Health Center or to your private physician to check for injuries, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy prevention.

4.     Call an advocate

  • An advocate can support you and talk with you about your options.
  • Call the Violence Prevention Project at Fresno State 278-5696 or the Marjaree Mason Center 233-4357.
  • If you are a resident of University Courtyard, contact your Resident Advisor.
  • Make a safety plan with an advocate.

5.     Get legal help

  • You may want to apply for a restraining order. 
  • Call the Marjaree Mason Center at 233-4357 for their workshop times.
  • Ask your advocate for resources or how to apply online.
  • Call Crime Victim Assistance Center for additional help, 488-3425.


6.     Talk to a counselor

  • Ask your advocate for referrals or look under the Resources section in the handbook.
  • Call or walk in to the University Health Center, 278-2734.

How To Get Help in a

Sexual Assault Emergency It is not your fault!

If this is an emergency and you are a victim of sexual assault:

1. Call police or 911

a. If on campus call:FresnoState police emergency number:(559)278.8400

Blue phones on campus: pick up for direct line to the police

On-campus phones: dial 911

b. If off campus, call:

Fresno Police      (559) 621-7000

Clovis Police     (559) 324-2800

Sheriff’s Dept.   (559) 488-3111 

2. Medical Care

a.   If on campus (during normal office hours) go to the Student Health

Center. (559) 278-2734 and/or Psychological Services:

(559) 278-6738

b.   If off campus: go to Fresno Community Regional Medical Center:

       2823 Fresno St., Fresno, CA 93715 or call (559) 459-6000

*Important advice for the victim*

Try to preserve all physical evidence. Do not wash, shower, bathe or

douche, use the toilet, or change clothing if you can avoid it. If you

change clothes, put all clothing you were wearing at the time of the attack

in a paper (not plastic) bag.


3. Support Services: (counseling, advocacy, shelters, safe housing)

a. Women’s Resource Center: (on Campus) (559) 278-4435

(peer counseling and advocacy)

b. University Health and Psychological Services: (on Campus)

(559) 278-2734 or (559) 278-6738 for Psych services

(medical and psychological services)

c. Rape Counseling Service: (off campus) (559) 222-7273

(counseling services for victims of sexual assault and family


d. Marjaree Mason Center: (off campus) (800) 640-0333 or

233-4357(shelter-based domestic violence program)

e. Evangel Home:  (off campus) (559) 264-4714

(serving women and children in crisis)

f. Crime Victim Assistance Center: (off campus) (559) 488-3425

(assistance to victims of crime)

g. Catholic Charities: 559 264-6414

(faith-based social service agency)

h. Naomi’s House: 559 443-1531