Domestic Violence Visual Aids

Cycle of Violence

The Cycle of ViolenceThe Cycle of Violence is a recurring behavioral pattern where the offender swings between affectionate, remorseful, and calm behavior to periods of tension that grows into physical,sexual or emotional violence.

The Cycle is commonly referred to in literature about domestic violence. However, it is important to remember that this way of describing domestic violence has limitations. Many battered women and advocates believe that the name of the "honeymoon" stage is misleading and that the cycle generally does not accurately describe the experience of battering.

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Power & Control Wheel

The Duluth Model Power and Control WheelThis chart shows you the kinds of behavior abusers use to get and keep control over their partners.

Battering is never an accident. It is an intentional act used to gain control over the other person. Physical abuse is only one part of a whole series of behaviors an abuser uses against his/her partner. Violence is never an isolated behavior. There are other forms of abuse, which are shown in the Power and Control Wheel.

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