Domestic Violence Abuse Indicators

While it is not always possible to predict whether a potential partner might become abusive, the following indicators are often seen in people who abuse their partners. If the person exhibits several of these behaviors there may be a strong potential for domestic violence:

Extreme Jealousy
Is your partner distrusting and possessive? Does he/she question and "check up" on you excessively?

Controlling Behavior
Does your partner try to control where you go, what you do, whom you see? Does he/she limit your access to family or friends?

Quick Involvement
Did your partner come on like a whirlwind, demanding quick commitment?

Unrealistic Expectations
Does your partner depend on you to meet all needs? Are you expected to be the perfect spouse, parent, lover, friend?

Does your partner try to cut you off from resources, limit your contact with family and friends, prevent you from going to work or school?

Blames Others for Own Problems
Does your partner blame you for personal problems, instead of taking responsibility?

Cruelty to Animals or Children
Does your partner act brutally to animals, tease children excessively, expect them to do things that are beyond their capability?

Abuse of Sexual Intimacy
Does your partner manipulate or coerce you into having sex or performing specific sexual acts when you don't want to?

Verbal Abuse
Does your partner say things that are cruel and hurtful, put you down, minimize your accomplishments?

Rigid Gender Roles
Does your partner hold rigid beliefs about male and female roles within a relationship, and demand that you comply?

Does your partner have an explosive temper, sudden mood swings? Behave kindly in public but cruelly in the privacy of your home?

{Source: Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence}