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Feedback about our presentations

  • What I liked most about the presentation was the information on types of prevention. I’m definitely leaning towards taking a self defense class and being more cautious of my surroundings.
  • Packed full of info, statistics always makes things more realistic & powerful.
  • What I liked best about the presentation was finding information regarding the different types of abuse that I never thought of.
  • It was very organized and the speakers seemed well prepared.  The skits were related to real life and modern situations.
  • The peer educators make me feel comfortable to talk about healthy/unhealthy relationships.
  • I like that I was involved in the topic in terms of asking questions and getting answers for my questions!
  • The presenters did a good job of animating and explaining the topic. They did a great job!
  • What I liked best was the balance between role playing and information.
  • The energy, the topic, it was great!
  • I enjoyed the enthusiasm that the members of the group displayed. The knowledge of the material.
  • I liked the speaker’s interaction with the audience and the power point presentation.