About VPP Campus and Community Response Team

professor standing in front of projector screen pointingThe CCRT is a collaboration with on-campus and off-campus entities. It is Fresno State's commitment to working with community partners to elevate awareness of violence and develop a prevention and intervention program for the university. University Police officers and other campus partners are trained to respond effectively to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking cases. In addition, they are trained to work with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gendered students, staff and/or faculty at Fresno State.

Campus Partners

Associated Students - Website

Central Valley Cultural Heritage Institute - Website

Francine Oputa, Director

Criminology Department - Website
Dr. Bernadette Muscat, Department Chair

Division of Student Affairs - Website
Dr. Carolyn Coon, Assoc. Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students/Interim Director of Judicial Affairs

Health and Psychological Services - Website
Dr. Gina Gechter, Services Coordinator
Photo of CCRT MeetingJosie Rangel, LCSW
Rebecca Fernandez, PsyD
Rebecca Russler, RN, MSN, FNP

Health Science Department
Dr. Gregory Thatcher, Faculty

Social Work Department - Website
Dr. Mitzi Lowe, Field Education Coordinator
Dr. Jane Middleton, Department Chair

Student Activities & Leadership Development - Website
Eddie Dominguez , Leadership Development & Activities Staff

University Courtyard - Website
Photo of CCRT MeetingErin Boele, Director
Michele Davis, Judicial Coordinator

University Police - Website
David Huerta, Chief
Jen Curwick, Sergeant
Ruben Madrigal, Detective
Amy Armstrong, Public Information Officer

Violence Prevention Project - Website
Staff and Interns

Women's Alliance - Website
Photo of CCRT Meeting

Women's Resource Center - Website
Jennifer Whyte, WRC Coordinator

Women's Studies - Website
Dr. Loretta Kensinger, Department Chair
Kathryn Forbes, Faculty

Community Partners

Clovis Police Department - Website
Jim Zulim, Chief
Joe Alvarado, Detective
Jeana Parenti, DV Team
George Cartwright, DV Team

Fresno County Probation Department Crime Victim Assistance - Website
Photo of CCRT MeetingLeslie Knobel, Program Manager
Faye Parra, Victim Advocate (Liaison)
Betty Frye, Victim Advocate (Domestic Violence)
Tamara Taylor, (Victim Advocate Sexual Assault)

Fresno Police Department - Website
Jerry Dyer, Chief
Dan Gross, LT (FJ Bureau)
Mark Clark, SGT (DV Unit)
Nina Jacobs, SGT (Sex Crimes)

Marjaree Mason Center - Website
Pam Kallsen, Executive Director
Photo of CCRT Meeting

Rape Counseling Service - Website
Monte Jewell, Executive Director
Priscilla Meza, Associate Director
Julia Ramirez
Maria Jacinto