About VPP

The Violence Prevention Project was formed in 2005 to raise awareness of violence on our college campus.

Violence against students on college campuses is underreported throughout the United States, including here at Fresno State. According to "The Sexual Victimization of Women" (Fisher, Cullen, & Turner, 2000), for every 1,000 women attending college, an estimated 35 incidents of rape occur in a given academic year on college campuses. Unfortunately, fewer than five percent of the rapes are reported to law enforcement.

For this reason, the Violence Prevention Project was created to provide education and intervention, and to provide victims with a safe place where they can be comfortable in seeking services.

Our History

Violence Prevention Project Dog Bone

In 1998, the Violence Against Women Office (VAWO) established grants to Reduce Violent Crimes Against Women on Campus Programs.

This allowed colleges to develop/strengthen security and investigation strategies to combat violent crimes against women on campus, including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

Fresno State is 1 of 31 campuses nationwide to receive a grant in Fall 2005.

The Violence Prevention Project is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. The project received a grant of $199,796, for the 2005-2007 academic years.

The project directors are Francine Oputa, coordinator of the Central Valley Cultural Heritage Institute, and Bernadette Muscat, an associate professor in the criminology department. The Project Coordinator is Micaela Vargas.