The Confidential Victim Advocate at Fresno State Will:


  • Provide compassionate and confidential support for those who have experienced sexual violence, dating/domestic violence, stalking and/or sexual harassment.
  • Not direct you to or discourage you from any course of action but will provide a safe space to discuss your options and will support you in the choices you make
  • Support victim/survivors in their recovery from the trauma of sexual violence, relationship violence and/or stalking and do so with an attitude of concerns and non-judgmental approach through the exploration of options, rights and resources.

Victim Advocate and VPVA Services

  •  Confidential crisis counseling
  • Survivor support, education, referrals
  • Advocacy for students, faculty/staff affected by sexual violence, dating/domestic violence and stalking
  • Information on reporting sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking, sexual harassment
  • Assistance filing a report with law enforcement
  • Assistance filing a report with Title IX Coordinator
  • Medical care for treatment of sexual assault and/or dating/domestic violence related injuries
  • Psychological care for sexual violence and/or dating/domestic violence related trauma
  • Legal assistance or referral if necessary
  • Accompaniment, both on and off campus, with victim/survivors to Title IX Office, Law enforcement, Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS), Health Center
  • Academic, administrative, and housing intervention and assistance if necessary