University Test Center (UC 201)

The University Test Center (UTC) is a campus facility that helps both faculty and students with their testing needs. We provide a proctored, secure, quiet, relaxing environment for test takers. When the exam is completed, we grade the multiple choice portion and provide in-depth exam analysis for faculty. Our facility gives the option for faculty to set up a multiple-day testing window, allowing more in-class instruction or learning support. This also gives students additional flexibility to organize their own test taking schedules. 


Operational Pause

At the request of the president and in consultation with the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate and the Academic Affairs Leadership team, the University Test Center will not be in operation as a Test Center.

Only the Academic Test Center (FFS 210) will be utilized for Testing Services' academic-oriented testing (early-take, make-up, department-specific, extended-time accommodations and other miscellaneous examinations). 

A group of faculty, staff and students will be convened early this semester to discuss the future of this facility and optimal testing for student success. 



Exam Set Up Procedure:

  • At the beginning of the semester complete the Semester Schedule Request form listing all exams you would like the UTC to proctor (approximate dates are fine) This is what ensures your class a spot during busy times. You can send this form to


  • Inform your students of the UTC procedures and the operational hours during your testing period. A rules form for your students is available below.


  • The UTC can only provide Scantron forms for multiple-choice exams. Other forms or materials are not provided (i.e. bluebooks, exam booklets, alternate Scantron forms, etc.). We DO NOT make copies of exams. However, we can proctor exams utilizing those materials.


  • Complete a UTC Testing Cover Sheet and UTC Scantron Answer Key (if applicable) for each scheduled exam. The Scantron Answer Key may be sent to your campus mailbox, or you can pick them up in person at the Test Center.

Cover Sheet and required exam materials are due into the Test Center no later than 3 pm the day BEFORE the exam is scheduled to begin. Earlier drop-offs are encouraged and greatly appreciated. Beginning in January 2016, required materials will be due by noon two (2) business days before an exam is scheduled to open).

Faculty forms are available through the links listed below.


  • Use number 2 pencils ONLY
  • DO NOT skip any numbers. (Scanner will stop reading the scantron once a number is skipped)
  • Fill out 1 bubble per question. Multiple bubbles per question are automatically marked wrong.
  • Deliver all needed testing materials (testing cover sheet, copies of the exam, answer key if applicable, etc.) to the University Test Center. Materials are needed by 3 pm the day BEFORE your exam begins. Same day drop offs will not be accepted. Any exams received after 3 pm will not be available for students to test until one full business day later. See finals week information and deadlines below (policies are different).
  • Completed exams can be picked up by you or a designated individual (i.e. graduate assistant, department staff, etc.) after noon on the following business day. The UTC staff must know who this individual is and they must show proper, picture ID when requesting your exam materials.


  • Faculty assigning their final exams to the University Test Center must have their required reservations and exam paperwork into the test center no later than 5 pm the Wednesday before finals week (last day of instruction)
  • For those classes where the final exam falls on Monday or Tuesday on the University's official published schedule, the final exam will be made available in the University Test Center on Monday and Tuesday only
  • For those classes where the final exam falls on Wednesday or Thursday on the University's official published schedule, the final exam will be made available in the University Test Center on Wednesday and Thursday only
  • The University Test Center is offering extended testing hours that match the published exam schedule (i.e. Monday, 6:30 am - 10:00 pm; Tuesday, 6:30 am - 10:00 pm; Wednesday, 8:45 am - 10:00 pm and Thursday, 8:45 am - 10:00 pm)
  • Only those courses and sections that had at least one exam administered in the University Test Center earlier in the semester are eligible for assignment of their finals to this testing facility 
  • Testing hours are not available on Friday during finals week - faculty exam pick-ups begin at noon that day


***Other Important Faculty Policies***

  • Electronic scores reports will no longer be sent out until you have picked up your exams.
  • Due to the volume of tests we administer, we now need exams to be printed in a double-sided format to save on filing space.
  • If you have an SSD student, just include needed materials and information with your UTC exam materials. SSD will pick up this material from us and return it when completed.

For more information you can contact the University Test Center at



Fresno State students with questions about exams assigned to this testing unit must contact their instructors. If you have questions regarding the University Test Center, please view the Student links below. Help us to keep our line moving by knowing what to expect and completing the test day checklist before you get to the counter.

YOU MUST PRESENT YOUR FRESNO STATE STUDENT ID CARD TO BE ADMITTED TO TEST. Driver's licenses are not sufficient ID for Fresno State classroom-based exams administered in this facility.

Lost your ID while testing? Ask at the check-in counter. Found cards are picked-up by Bulldog Card Office (Joyal 156) staff on a daily basis.

Trying to schedule an appointment to take a professional licensing, certification, extended/distance ed or other specific educational assessment exam? Contact Testing Services' Testing Office in Family & Food Sciences 110 (559.278.2457).