LockersBulldog Bowl offers a secure way to store your belongings!

Why carry around all your stuff all day? Lockers are a great place to leave those heavy books and notebooks when you don’t need them! The USU Bulldog Bowl lockers are clean and safe!

The rates are great! The lockers can be accessed during the Bulldog Bowl hours.

For questions, call the Bulldog Bowl front desk: 559.278.2015.



Term Description Price
Year One calendar year from date of purchase $25
Semester First day of semester or summer session to last day of semester or session $10
Refundable Key Deposit   $15
Locker Open Charge Price per locker opening $1


Lost Key

There will be a $1.00 charge for each request to open a locker. Lockers can only be opened M-F from 9am-4pm by the Bulldog Bowl Manager.

Replacement costs must be paid before a new key will be issued.

Lost Items

The USU and the Bulldog Bowl are not responsible for items left in lockers during academic schedule breaks, nor for items left in unsecured lockers. 


Lockers are not to be used to store flammable items or illegal substances. Lockers may be searched by law enforcement personnel if any sort of danger is perceived, such as unusual odors or possibility of explosive materials.


Do not leave valuables in locker for any length of time, especially overnight.

Do not give your locker key to anyone else.